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Thanks Oregon

Started by scuzzy, October 12, 2021, 10:01:59 AM

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Hey All,

Got a really nice email last night about Oregon:

I would like to take a minute to commend the excellent two day course your organization recently sponsored in Grants Pass OR.  I am a 59 year old man with 32 years in law enforcement and have attended and coordinated more trainings than I could possibly recall.  I am still recovering from the contortions and humility required by the course.  That being said, your program and instructors were exceptional.  The program was engaging with historical references and stories.  It was structured and paced so as not to leave anyone behind or bore anyone else  The instructors were obviously knowledgeable in the material, but patient.  I can't say enough about the presenters, and the fact I can remember their names speaks to that fact.  Thanks to Griff, Bob, Andy, Lori and a special call out to Matt for his assistance when I had an equipment issue.  I wish I had as committed personnel when I was a training manager.  To use the term they taught us, "Huzzah Huzzah Huzzah" to them all.
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Outstanding!  Thanks to Griff/Prescott for traveling over to shoot bioss this event.  I'm glad (but not surprised!) to hear it went well.
Bradley "Brad" Foster (P7)


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Always nice to hear some positive feedback from our shooters! Thanks to Prescott as well for coming help make the event a success.

Keep an eye out for another shoot early next year!
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