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                                              WV Appleseed Job List

If you are interested or involved in moving the Appleseed Project forward in the Mountain State, then PLEASE look over this evolving list of positions and tasks that are currently available. Although this is an all volunteer effort, the selection of a task or position should be taken seriously. Make sure you have the time commitment and skills to do the job effectively.

There is no space for ego and self-interest within the WV chapter of Appleseed--instead--we are American Patriots, united as one, for the common Cause. Titles have no value, other than to serve as a means to identify skills and purpose within the organization. Remember, this program is about saving America and passing the torch of Liberty to future generations--priceless!

You will notice that there are a lot of available slots listed. That is because WV never had an Appleseed program until recently, which means we've got a lot of catching up to do. This also gives you an opportunity to be one of the foundational team, grabbing the first buckets available for bailing the sinking honorable position indeed.  :)  Can, or do you want to, DO something that isn't listed? If so, please contact me ASAP! This list is not set in's simply someplace to start - ideas.

So, this is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor and become part of the groundbreaking team of WV Appleseed. Until we increase membership in WV, some of us will have to wear several hats in the interim. I hope to see THAT change in the near future as we start vigorously promoting Appleseed in the state. The list of positions might seem rather ambitious for a volunteer program - I set the bar high. WV has a population of almost 2 million citizens...I'm only asking for 25 to step up, at this time.

Take Notice: The National folks have announced that there is something special "in the works" for State Coordinators to present to dedicated, motivated, and productive workers at the state level. The only way to receive--without cost--this unique, one-of-a-kind item, is to be a "doer" for the advancement of our state program. Everyone that has stepped-up as a volunteer in WV should be doing this anyhow, but now, there will be special recognition for those actually doing it...stay tuned.

When you identify a position or task that you feel comfortable with, send me a PM for a detailed Task Sheet of what's required in terms of your time and skills/knowledge. Thanks...TM

Administrative Team
Instructor Corps Coordinator - Chrome
Promotions Coordinator - available
Public Relations Director - available
State Coordinator - The Machine

Support Team
Ambassador - available
AS Locations Liaison - available
Blogger - Mountaineer
Construction Crew - Jeremiah, George
DAR Construction/Maintenance Manager - available
Desktop Publisher/Editor - available
Graphic Artist/Designer - available
Historian/Researcher - GunnerJim inactive
IT Specialist - available
Legal Advisor - available
Legislative Contact - available
Librarian/Archivist - available
Media Contact - The Machine
Video Producer - available

Event Team
Hospitality Workers - SuzyQ, available
Instructors/Shoot Bosses -  agony, bbkf, brickhouse, Chrome, JamesB, JohnL, MacMcM, Mountaineer, NC-17, siglite(SB), skoof223, The Machine, vanrichten, wvmmfalcon(SB), WVPharmD
Photographer - available
Videographer - available

[Legend:  e = Email  bog = Boots on the Ground  m = Mail  p = Phone  i = Internet]

1. Prepare state flyers for distribution both electronically and print.  i  
Task Leader - available
Due Date - ASAP

2. Locate all WV websites that list state events and post our 2010 event schedule on them.  e, i
Task Leader - The Machine
Due Date - Ongoing

3. Need to write Press Releases for specific WV markets.  i
Task Leader - available
Due Date - ASAP

4. Contact and leave literature (state flyer + SWAT reprint) at every Gun shop; Outdoors store; Dept. store that sells guns/ammo; and Army - Navy/Military Surplus store in Charleston area.  p, bog
Task Leader - The Machine, Helpers - Siglite
Due Date - Ongoing

5. Compile list of all WV newspapers, including submission guidelines and contact person, for inclusion in our database.  i
Task Leader - TracyWV
Due Date - ASAP

6. URGENT: Need a motivated and capable person to fill the Promotions Coordinator position! i, e, bog, m, p
Due Date - ASAP

7. Someone to compile and keep updated a list of upcoming gun shows in WV. This person will arrange leasing a table or booth, along with finding available help in staffing the show. i, e, p, bog
Task Leader - available
Due Date - ASAP

8. If anyone has access to WL-1, there is a relatively short task which needs done ASAP: i
Task Leader - available

DAR Specific
1. Clearing crew...includes chainsaw operator, brush cutters, and laborers to pile wood and burn/dispose of brush and general clean up.  bog
Task Leader - The Machine, Helpers - TracyWV
Due Date - 03/15/09 COMPLETED

2. Cabin restoration crew...need some workers to do clean-up, construction, and dug well reclamation at the cabin that will be used as a classroom and quarters for instructors. bog
Task Leader - The Machine, Helpers - Rich, Spanner, Jeremiah, George
Due Date - Ongoing   Porch built, inside remodel almost complete. Dug well reclamation still pending

3. Restroom facilities crew...need some workers to construct permanent toilet facilities. After continuous lousy service and grief from the "porta-john" vendor, I have requested it to be removed. A permanent outhouse structure needs to be built in place of the rental unit. bog
Task Leader - The Machine, Helpers - Jeremiah, George
Due Date - ASAP Pit completed

4. Covered Firing Line crew...need workers to install a permanent covered Firing Line next year. We are currently in the planning stage and working up a materials list. bog
Task Leader - The Machine, Helpers - Jeremiah, George
Due Date - 2011
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