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Redmond WA, Interlake Sporting Association Sept 11/12, 2021 AAR

Started by GTEngineer, September 13, 2021, 12:55:58 AM

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A somber Saturday morning greeted us with many reminders of the tragedy our nation suffered 20 years ago.  Numerous attendees and multiple families joined us at the beautiful Interlake Sporting Association range in Redmond WA for a full weekend of traditional marksmanship instruction and American history.  We started the day with a moment of silence for the victims of the September 11th attacks, afterwards we started with the morning safety briefing which was done very well by our fellow instructors in training Aaron and Eric.  We were joined by 6 youths who were patient and attentive through what turned out to be a moderately warm day for Sept in the PNW, along with those youth's patient parents some of whom have been to a Project Appleseed event and took to our message of 7th stepping by bringing along their family members to learn marksmanship and history.  Saturday went well with Daniel and Alex both scoring Riflemen as well as clearing the Hits Count target completely, earning themselves spots amongst the ranks of Morgan's Riflemen.  We had a family drive several hours each way both days to join us with the goal of the son earning his Rifleman's patch.  I am glad to say that the hard work from dad paid off and Ted was able to finish Sunday by earning himself a Rifleman patch with a score of 211.  Not satisfied with a single Rifleman's patch, or two, Daniel continued into Sunday turning out absolutely solid scores target after target, leading into the AQT and finishing with an astounding 246!  Earning himself another Rifleman's patch along with a Distinguished patch!  Congratulations Daniel!  All those months of practice have paid off over and over again!  Charles, turning in scores that were increasing over and over, finished up the day with a Rifleman's score of 212, earning himself a well deserved patch as well.  Alex also joined the group of Rifleman this weekend with a score of 211!

Jessie, Hana, and Yan; I am proud of you to persist through and continue to apply to your best ability the marksmanship skills that were being taught.  The amount of material that is covered will take some time to be properly absorbed, and is best absorbed through persistent practice.  You see the improvement in your groups in all of the sighter squares, as well as the hits count target that was shot during the weekend.  You will see additional improvements as you continue to practice and apply the skills that you have picked up both at the event itself, as well as the little white booklet that you received during checkin.  I am confident that you will continue to see improvement over time.

Simon and Insuh, you should be proud of your improvement over this weekend as you can see in your targets, shrinking your groups step by step, and understanding better what your targets are telling you each time you check the holes on paper.  To become a Rifleman, it takes lots of practice, patience, and persistence.  Apply those techniques that you learned whenever you can, dry practice slinging up, getting into position, checking your NPOA, etc.  Those positions that may be uncomfortable today, will become less uncomfortable as you practice more and more.

Many of you were doing quite well in 1 or 2 of the various stages, but struggled with other stages.  This is completely natural, so don't feel that you were not successful in the least bit.  Remember, a Rifleman persists, continue to practice when you can by using a rifle without any ammunition nearby, practice the sling setup, the steady hold factors for each position, the positions themselves, 6 steps of firing a shot, and NPOA.  I am confident that you will see improvements in all of your stages at the next event you attend.

Lastly, I want to thank you all for coming out to join us for a great weekend!  Please feel free to provide any feedback either through my email, or here on the forum.  Be our 7th step by telling others about us, bring a friend along, or bring some family along.  Become a champion of Liberty!
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... to catch the fire in another American for sharing the skills and our heritage to our posterity. Maybe my perfect shots will be made by those I met along the trials and trails of Appleseed. I know that America is a nation of Riflemen.


Lucky on the weather too!  Next weekend is supposed to be all rain.

Quote from: GTEngineer on September 13, 2021, 12:55:58 AM
Remember, a Rifleman persists, continue to practice when you can by using a rifle without any ammunition nearby, practice the sling setup, the steady hold factors for each position, the positions themselves, 6 steps of firing a shot, and NPOA.

Dryfire is king, definitely.  You can get 99% of the way there with purely dryfire.