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Hey Virginia, Have you met Daniel Morgan?

Started by The Wolfhound, July 28, 2021, 11:26:02 PM

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The Wolfhound

So my business day took me to the town of Winchester, Virginia.  The town is right fond of one of our heros, a fellow by the name of Daniel Morgan.  I found him at the corner of Picadilly St and East Lane.

The Wolfhound

We do like to celebrate him in Virginia Appleseed and if I can figure out how to shrink my pictures there will be more and maybe even right side up!


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The Wolfhound

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The Wolfhound



I laugh and cringe inside when I hear a hat refer to him as "Captain Morgan".
Author of "The 10/22 Companion: How to Operate, Troubleshoot, Maintain and Improve Your Ruger 10/22"

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The Wolfhound

Quote from: FiremanBob on August 02, 2021, 08:08:01 AM
I laugh and cringe inside when I hear a hat refer to him as "Captain Morgan".

In due defense, he WAS a Captain when charged with forming the rifle companies.  He of course became Lieutenant General Morgan by the end of the war, Second in command of the entire Southern Region under Nathaniel Greene.

Impossible Girl

The grist mill that he owned is still there in Millwood and is still operational today. They sell products of the mill at the little general store across the street. And his home, Saratoga, isn't too far from there, but it is privately owned these days though I may have gotten "lost" and had to make a u-turn in their very long driveway one day a while back ;)


Since you are right next to us in MD (plus we have property 30 minutes south of Winchester) we too are fond of and love telling Morgan's history. Almost as much as we enjoy speaking about The Immortal 400.  I do want to visit the Burwell-Morgan Mill.