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Documenting hours spent doing Appleseed for homeschool credit

Started by Mrs. America, July 26, 2021, 10:02:44 PM

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Mrs. America

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Re: Introductions - check in here!
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I am a homeschool mom married to Captain America with one daughter, pepper spray, still in high school. I have graduated two already. I am trying to figure out how to count the hours for Appleseed. Riflery counts as PE and the history  hours count for history,  but how do I make a class out of those?I need to make a class description and I'm thinking I'm going to have to separate the hours spent running the range versus hours studying for and giving instruction. And whether it is history instruction or riflery instruction. Anybody have any ideas?I need to turn Appleseed language into education-ese. I also need some kind of writing assignments or tests of some kind that I can document.


Not a homeschooler (or have kids) but is there an American History class write-up you could start with and reword? The history is a verbal test, documented on PC4 paperwork, would that work? (There is a little bit of history on the PCI, also.) The "PE" tests are PC1-3 & PCI, would that work?

Each event has about 2.5 hours of history. (1st Strike is about 30-60 minutes, 2nd & 3rd are 20-30 minutes, DOMs 10-20 minutes, normally 3 or more DOMs per event.) (Time varies widely due to presenter.)

Then there are the hours in the IBCs and HBCs she has gone to...

Hope this helps.


Are you in a state that requires you to make an actual class out of it?  In VA I don't believe that is the case (but I am checking with my wife on that - she's much more in the know than I).

If you are doing other history curriculum already, maybe you could add the Appleseed hours there as additional learning.

Charles McKinley

Is pepper spray an IIT?

If so don't forget the public speaking part.  As a non-profit, volunteering for the RWVA counts as public service as well.  One of your homeschooling mentors that know your states requirements will be able to check all the goobermint boxes. 

FullMetalRifleman put the volunteer service on the application for National Honors Society. She was in public school for high school.

If you can't find local help I can help you work something up that will be palatable for the bureaucrats.
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