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Port Townsend, WA June 19-20 2021 AAR

Started by janer, June 11, 2021, 02:27:37 PM

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Looking forward to a great weekend and sold out event. So far, the weather even looks perfect.  See you there.


Nineteen enthusiastic folks showed up to improve their marksmanship and hear about their heritage as Americans.  Thank you for being such a great group to work with. Many thanks to Jefferson County Sportsmen's Association for hosting this event.  They are very supportive of Appleseed and it is appreciated.

Both days were warm by PNW standards.  Sunday was sunny, but warmer and fatigue set in quickly by early afternoon.  The weather did not stop the groups from getting smaller and the AQT scores from improving.

Congratulations to five new riflemen.  James, Rachel, Marcus, Betty and Dan.  Dan went on to earned a Distinguished patch by the end of the day with 233. 

Thanks to Ian and Betty for stepping up to take an Orange Hat.

Many of you finished in the Marksman and Sharpshooter range.  Keep working at it.  "A rifleman is persistent!".  Dry practice is your friend.

I hope to see you all soon at another event soon!  I'll post the pictures I have when I figure out how to reduce the size, I know there are others out there to be posted. 


Wow! What a great turnout!  Congratulations to everyone that made Rifleman.  Do not be discouraged if you did not make Rifleman this time, it takes a lot of practice and patience.  You can dry practice getting into positions, NPOA, etc in the comfort of your home without a single round of ammunition.  Persist!

Thank you Ian and Betty for choosing to become an instructor with us!  Looking forward to working with you all at another event soon!
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Five new Riflemen and two new Orange Hats!  Huzzah!

I could not escape work to help at this event.  Hopefully in the future I'll get up there.


What a fantastic weekend.  Thanks so much to Jane, Nick, Jay, and Norm for running a smooth operation.  Great weather,  great history,  and great marksmanship.  Congratulations and thanks to Ian and Betty for taking on Orange Hats. Huzzah! 
A little Hubble family boasting: we brought 4 shooters, left with 3 Rifleman patches, and our 4th was knocking HEAVY at the door with a 202! Huzzah to all shooters, instructors,  and Rifleman!
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