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Pittsburg, KS April 17-18, 2021 AAR
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I'm embarrassed to just be getting this out now but here we go!

The Patriot's Day shoot at Bone Creek Gun Club was an awesome event!  It was a sell out crowd with a completely full firing line.  Knowing how full we'd be we ran a rotating firing line splitting the shooters up into Group A and group B.  We've used the rotating firing line a few times to great effect.  The shooters get a little break during their group's prep and the instructors were able to offer more instruction for each student with only half the students on he line at a time.

Here are a few pics of the line from each end.

Ages on the line ranged from 10 years old up to fairly well seasoned!  Not everyone made Rifleman but if it was easy enough for everyone to make it on the first try a Rifleman badge wouldn't be worth nearly what it is. 

The road to Rifleman is paved with hard work and persistence. Kind of like what it took to build the great nation!

Shooters spent two very packed days learning the skills of the Rifleman and the history of our American heritage of Marksmanship and sacrifice that gave us the freedoms we enjoy today!

We were incredibly busy and I didn't snap too many pics but here's KSDiver giving the IMC lesson Saturday before lunch.

We harvested a bumper crop of Riflemen!  So many that we'll need to ship a few badges out to the Riflemen who made the score after all the badges I had on hand were given out.

Here's the Sunday morning Riflemen.

We got a photo of all the Riflemen late Sunday afternoon.  I think we ended up with 14 total Riflemen with (I think) 8 of them being newly minted Riflemen.

My son was one of the Riflemen.  In his case it was a requalification and he used his M4 that he and I assembled.  He's proven very capable with it and we've taken it out to 700 yards a couple times.  He definitely likes it!

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