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Dundee (CVSC) April 17-18, 2021

Started by Flipper, April 20, 2021, 01:53:09 AM

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A very successful Patriots Day event in the books. We had all 12 shooters come both days ready and willing to learn. Oregon had an unusually warm weekend ready for us with day time high temps in the upper 70's and low 80's. But despite the warm sun everyone persisted throughout the day.
A special shout out to our 3 youth shooters  ;D You all did a fantastic job of staying safe. I was particularly impressed with the good questions you all asked and how much you remembered when instructors asked review questions on Sunday, Huzzah!
We had a very talented group of shooters on the line that put together some very impressive groups and some quality AQT scores. We had 3 shooters clear their redcoat Sunday afternoon with no questions asked. Well done to Colby, John, and Ironbar. Yes instructors got to do some shooting too  :cool2:
In the end we ended up with 2 new Rifleman/women. Congratulations to Bailey (233, 223) and John (228) both putting up some very respectable scores. We also had 2 shooters requalify and 2 instructors. Well done Colby, Marty, Rick, and Ironbar. I will check into getting the special Patriots Day patch for all of you.
Thank you to my instructor crew for coming out to assist! I could not have had such a good weekend without your help. 
I will get pictures into a google drive link and on to the form soon.
See you all on the Appleseed trail.



Pictures are finished! Here is a link to the google drive folder. Please let me know if the link does not work. Again congratulations to our new Rifleman and well done to our youth shooters.
For those that earned a Rifleman patch or requalified and were interested in getting a Patriots Day patch it looks like I can have those sent to me and then I can mail them to you.

Best Regards,


Had a great time.  Superb instruction and history lessons.  Thanks to all the staff that volunteered their time and expertise.