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Monmouth, Maine Winterseed - March 27-28, 2021
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Heritage, History, and Marksmanship

Our training efforts paid off.
It's 4 AM, and I'm just now writing up the narrative of last month’s Project Appleseed event.
I took six of my employees along, having made Rifleman in 2016 twice, I wanted to be their gun caddy, and armorer in case anything failed.

We met the Monmouth Sportsman's club outside of Augusta, where half the team shot the Rifleman’s score on the first day, and were rewarded with Appleseed’s coveted Rifleman patch.

I found it most fitting to do that on that day, for it was my dad’s 90th birthday, the man who first taught me about patriotism, sacrifice, and the love of country. I'm pretty sure he'd be smiling about this up in heaven.

Back to our story - Earning Rifleman is a point of great pride, and no easy thing (the guys had been preparing for months on evenings weekends), for it means that the candidate must shoot from multiple positions, under timed evolutions, on small paper targets, with a strict focus on safety and accuracy.

Even cooler (literally), because there was still snow on the ground, they were rewarded the distinctive blue “Winterseed” endorsement, complete with simulated icicles on the patch. The other half of the team will be coming back tomorrow in a fresh attempt to earn their own Rifleman score.

Day Two - It's A Wrap - Three More Riflemen Today!

Braving 40 degrees temperatures, wind, and the threat of rain (or snow), four of the team returned today to the second and final day of the Project Appleseed event near Augusta, Maine.

I was delighted to see one of our new Riflemen from yesterday proudly displaying his Winterseed Rifleman patch on his rucksack this morning. 👍

By noon, all three of our team had shot the Rifleman's score and earned their Rifleman patch, one earning it a second time in two days.  So a total of six of the seven of the team left as Riflemen over the weekend. Pretty impressive.

Even more impressive, the highest score of the two-day event was earned today, 227 of a possible 250, despite the bitter cold and dampness. Now that's dedication!

I've included a short video showing one of our team, a relatively new shooter, working from a loop sling and the excellent form he displayed on each shot. You'll note how he allows the rifle to rise slightly with recoil after the shot and comes right back down, ready to engage again. He then conducts a very smooth reload. He has mastered what we call "natural point of aim," visible not only from his shooting form but from his tight groups and excellent scores.

Appleseed is not just marksmanship; it's also about American heritage and history. So the lads were privileged to spend part of the day learning the story known as “Three Strikes of The Match,” regarding the people and events leading up to the first shots of the American Revolutionary War, at Lexington Green, on April 19, 1775.  Also known as “The Shot Heard Around The World.”

Told well, it is a most compelling, factual account of how exceptional marksmanship, combined with what some might call Divine Providence, turned the tide for a small group of patriots against the most powerful military power in the world and lead to the formation of the United States.

I'm very proud of this fine group of young men who gave up their weekend and are interested in their nation's history while seeking to refine their Constitutional rights and heritage.

It was my privilege to treat them to a wonderful team dinner after, where they discussed the day's events and couldn't stop smiling. Indeed we are blessed with exceptional people.

- Bruce
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