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Eagle Creek DRRC February 27-28 2021

Started by Flipper, February 25, 2021, 04:53:56 PM

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This weekend is the first event in the Northwest for 2021! We have a full crew and a full line to go with. I look forward to seeing everyone   O0



Time to knock the rust off and get back to the fundamentals.  :F


We had a successful 1st event of the year.  We're off to a good start for 2021!


Finally I can sit down and write a post about our awesome event  ;D
This event was the first event in the Northwest for 2021 and the first event in Oregon since September of 2020. Between Covid and wildfires we had to cancel nearly all events last year. It was clear that everyone was eager for Appleseed to finally happen. We had 25 shooters sign up in less than 2 weeks and plenty of instructors to go with. Thank you to all the instructors that traveled down from Northern Washington to make this happen. Oh and a quick note this was Jay's first event as a red hat!

Well done everyone! You all did a great job of being engaged during the instructions blocks and asking great questions. Additionally, all the shooters did a fantastic job of safety. Very few times did a shooter have to be called back to the line to correct their rifle. In particular our youth shooters did an excellent job. One of our youth, I think about 10, showed an a great example of muzzle discipline. While in prep Sam felt a sneeze coming on, but first he looked at his rifle, held on to it with both hands and made sure it was in a safe direction then turned his head around to sneeze while keeping his rifle down range at all times. That is some great muzzle awareness!  Great job Sam!

Congratulations to our 3 New Rifleman! Mike R., David D., and John F. All of you put up some impressive scores. On Sunday Mike was able to pull together a Distinguished Rifleman score of 240 with a perfect stage 4 and one point from a perfect stage 3. Nice shooting Mike  O0
We also had quite a few cleared redcoats throughout the weekend and Sunday afternoon everyone qualified on their redcoat target.

I know Bandaid took most of our pictures and he is working on getting them edited. I'm sure he will have them on this thread as soon as they are finished.
Thanks again everyone!



Sorry I had to miss this one guys! I was in Pahrump, NV at Front Sight doing a ifle and pistol class down there. Looking forward to the shoot in April, in spite of the fact that I can only make it one day!