Author Topic: Palm Bay, FL Jan 9-10, 2021 AAR  (Read 257 times)

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Palm Bay, FL Jan 9-10, 2021 AAR
« on: January 12, 2021, 01:12:32 PM »
It was a Florida “Winterseed!” Each day began in the low forties.  Although the days warmed up nicely I never took off my Appleseed hoodie. The line was filled with anxious students ready to get to work. Half of the students were beginners and half of them were juniors so we had our work cut out for us. The instructors rose to the challenge so no one was disappointed.

By the time the dust cleared on Sunday, we revealed three new Riflemen. Karen started with a new 10-22 with stock sights. Her only shooting experience was plinking as a child years ago. She was doing pretty well on Saturday but reached the point where the sights were preventing her from shooting to her potential. Sunday, after Miss Conduct loaned her a rifle with an optic, as well as a stock that fit her, she shot the high score of the day: 225. It was a family affair. Her husband Mark scored a 211 to earn his patch as well. Son Fred, one of our youngest shooters, will be back to add to the skills he learned. Our third Rifleman of the day was Drew. He shot a 211 and then upped the ante to 223. Huzzah to all.

Derek deserves mention because he was having adjustment issues with the new scope he brought. We offered him a loaner rifle but troubles continued. It wasn’t until the third loaner that he was able to get accurate shots on paper. Although he didn’t score Rifleman this weekend his persistence was exemplary. Hope to see him back again soon. In the meantime, we will investigate how Murphy was allowed to create havoc in our loaner stock.

One shooter who had attended a previous Appleseed brought four of his friend to this event. Good job Jason! That's 7th Stepping at its finest.

Three of the father-son teams present were 7th stepped at a recent Cub Scout BB gun shoot that a couple of our instructors supported. Look for a similar opportunity in your area.

Speaking of junior shooters; we presented the new Road to Rifleman Certificates along with William Diamond patches. They were well received and we’ll continue using them in the future. Shootbosses, check out the thread in the Shootboss’s Forum for your template.

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Re: Palm Bay, FL Jan 9-10, 2021 AAR
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Those are some happy faces, Menace!!  That's what I love to see  :partytime:
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Re: Palm Bay, FL Jan 9-10, 2021 AAR
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Great job,
Palm Bay always produces.  :F
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Re: Palm Bay, FL Jan 9-10, 2021 AAR
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Miss Conduct tells the First Strike of the Match on a chilly Saturday morning. 

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Re: Palm Bay, FL Jan 9-10, 2021 AAR
« Reply #4 on: January 13, 2021, 11:50:32 AM »
Every shot tells a story.. my experience at the Appleseed was exemplary.
The care and dedication from each of the instructors is heartwarming, and that was greatly needed on such a cold weekend.
The shooting sport facilities in Palmbay are comfortable safe and clean..
The amount of information that we received from the course was beyond anything I experienced in college..
I can’t wait to return with either my older son my younger son or my same son but they are a great excuse to return..
Definitely see the value in dialing in your firearm before attending the course..
I have some photos of me returning to the local indoor range and shooting standing..
I can humbly say that I would not have been on paper had it not been for this course..
I always needed a stand or a rest previous to this.
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