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Annapolis, MD AAR - December 12, 2020
« on: December 13, 2020, 12:42:24 PM »
The final Maryland Appleseed clinic of 2020 saw 12 patriots enjoy a beautiful 60 degree day in December. We missed a potential Winterseed snow event by a couple days but this shoot boss (and the students) were not at all displeased, particularly as COVID restrictions prevented any indoor instruction.

A class of mostly beginners with a strong showing from the Fort Meade youth group, all of the students showed great progress throughout the day, learned a lot about their equipment, and were able to practice all of the positions required for the AQT. While no Rifleman were minted, we hope everyone practices more and comes out to a future event. William Diamond patches were earned by NINE of our shooters (the youngest of which was only 6 years old) for their determination and concentration throughout the day.

Congratulations to Kniwolf on his first shoot as an IIT - I know the students were impressed. And special thanks to fellow Maryland Shoot Boss CatGravity who led a lot of instruction and helped ensure a safe shoot.

Pictures to be posted at Maryland Appleseed Facebook page soon: