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Lewiston, ID, Nov 7/8, 2020, AAR
« on: November 16, 2020, 08:56:19 PM »
This was my final AS for 2020.   This has truly been a remarkable year.  While many of the events were reduced in size due to the fear of the pandemic, however, the spirit of the American patriot continues to inspire me.   

This was my first Winterseed event in the Northwest.  I have had the Winterseed patches for a number of years, but have not had a worthy event to hand them out.   Well, this week, we had a worthy event.   The weather on Saturday was just cold, with a high humidity level and a high temperature in the mid 30s.   Snow arrived in the early morning on Sunday, and there was about 4 inches at the range when I showed up in the morning.  It continued to snow until 11am and contributed a couple more inches.   The rest of the day was just a typical overcast NW winter afternoon.

Eli (forum name George Ross) accepted an Orange Hat at his event.   He will make a great addition to the instructor corp in the NW and I am looking forward to working more events with him.

We had 6 shooters on Saturday, but only 4 on Sunday.  Paul has shoulder issues, and one day at the range left him locked up and in pain.   His son, Jeffrey, is still recovering from a broken arm, and a day at the range was also all he could manage.   

Of the four shooters left on Sunday, we got to see a great exhibition of marksmanship from Will and Andrew.   Both shot their rifleman scores at their first AS event and did very well.   Will shot the high score of the weekend with a 235.  Andrew was shooting iron sights and a great job of putting his previous air rifle experience to work (look at his group sizes on stage 4).

Cheryl and Nathan both showed progress over the weekend.   Getting Cheryl on a scope equipped rifle helped her focus on the fundamentals, and the accuracy and precision of her groups showed great improvement.   Remember to keep dry fire practicing at home.   You can perfect your trigger squeeze, steady hold factors and NPOA shifts on the comfort of your living room carpet.

I hope to see everyone again next spring.   I just put in a request for the weekend of May 1/2, 2021.

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