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Schedule for 2021

Started by Ramblin' Wreck, October 15, 2020, 06:13:07 PM

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Ramblin' Wreck

Hey y'all,Now is the time to be putting together a statewide schedule for 2021. I've received a lead on a range in Laurens where you can shoot out to 1,000 yards and I'll follow up and pass it along if it pans out. Please do some scouting and find another range somewhere in the state so we can grow the program in the Palmetto state.
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Clinton House Plantation has a few bays that would be appropriate for 25m Appleseed and they have a 300 yard and a 1000 yard ranges, where it might be possible to run a known distance. Only issue with the 1000 yard range is it starts at 300 yards. I'm a member and have asked if they would be willing to host an Appleseed and they seem agreeable, but per person range fee is a little steep ($25 a day per person but might be able to talk them down to $15 per day per person).
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