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Rhode Island Contact List.

Started by Trainfriend, February 22, 2009, 09:01:32 PM

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This purpose of this thread is to build a Contact List of Rhode Island organizations. We need email addresses, street addresses, names, phone numbers. Whatever you can give us to help get the word out. Below is a list of the types of organizations we'd like to reach. This is by no means a complete list. If you can think of other types of organizations for us to reach out to, by all means add them to the thread.


-Homeschool support groups
-Local Boy Scout Troops
-Rotary Clubs
-Mason Lodges
-Kiwanis Clubs
-Shooter's Associations
-RKBA groups
-Conceal Carry Groups
-Fire Departments
-Trucking Companies
-American Legion
-Daughters/Sons of the American Revolution
-Mud runner/4 Wheel groups
-College/University shooting clubs
-ROTC and Junior ROTC groups
-State outdoor magazine
-Hunter Association/groups
-Chamber of Commerce, county level
-Military units-Active bases, reserve/guard units
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D&L Hunting & Outdoor Lodge
3314 W Shore Rd.
Warwick, RI 02886
Ph. 401-738-1889

Addieville East Farm *
200 Pheasant Drive
Mapleville, RI 02839
(401) 568-3185

Ashaway Sportsman's Club, Inc. *
North Road/Gun Club Path
Hopkinton, RI
(401) 377-2566

Blue Water Sportsman's Club, Inc. *
PO Box 6895
Warwick, RI 02887
(401) 737-8681
Bradford Sportsman's Club, Inc. *
299 Ross Hill Road
Charlestown, RI 02813

Cranston Fish and Game Association, Inc. *
19 Tucker Hollow Road
Foster, RI 02825   

Rhode Island Raccoon Hunters Association *
Exeter, RI 02898
(401) 295-1127

Cumberland Beagle Club
425 Nate Whipple Highway
Cumberland, RI 02864
(401) 724-0394

Riverside Sportsman's Association *
PO Box 15301
Riverside, RI 02915
(401) 433-0209

East Warren Rod & Gun Club
Long Lane / PO Box 12
Warren, RI 02885
(401) 245-5763    

Rumford Hunting & Fishing Club *
PO Box 314
Providence Street
Rehobeth, MA

Highland Rod & Gun Club
66A Plainfield Pike
Foster, RI 02825
(401) 392-0348

Sayles Hill Rod and Gun Club *
Sayles Hill Road
North Smithfield, RI 02896
(401) 762-4650

Hope Rifle & Pistol Club *
223 Manton Avenue
Providence, RI 02909
(401) 738-9194    

Smithfield Sportsman's Club, Inc. *
14 Walter Carey Road
Smithfield, RI
(401) 231-9883

Little Compton Game Club
John Dyer Road
Compton, RI
(401) 635-4879    

South County Rod & Gun Club *
711 Escoheag Hill Road
West Greenwich
(401) 397-2445

Little Rhody Beagle Club
Cowesett Rd
Warwick, RI
(401) 884-9793

Stony Brook Rod & Gun Club *
16 Lower Road / PO Box 345
Lincoln, RI 02865
(401) 724-1658

Manville Sportsmen's Club *
250 High Street
Manville, RI
(401) 762-5916

Tiverton Rod and Gun Club
Mailing: PO Box 115
Physical: Fish Rd.
Tiverton, RI 02878
(401) 624-3959
Massasoit Gun Club
Abraham Road
East Providence, RI 02915
(401) 433-2274

Tri-Town Rod & Gun Club
Isthmus Road
Foster, RI
(401) 354-5258

Narragansett Bow Hunters *
PO Box 1355
North Kingstown, RI 02852
(401) 295-7228

United Bow Hunters of Rhode Island *
PO Box 9669
Warwick, RI 02889
(401) 861-8167

Narragansett Gun Club *
541 Austin Farm Road
Exeter, RI 02882
(401) 397-8992 or 9181    

United Fly Tiers of Rhode Island
PO Box 8986
Cranston, RI 02920

Newport Rifle Club, Inc.
Wyatt Road
Middletown, RI
(401) 847-5678    

Victory Sportsmen's Club *
PO Box 194
Chepachet, RI 02814
(401) 568-6861

Peace Dale Sporting Clays
130 Pearls Way
Wakefield, RI
P(401) 789-3730   F(401) 783-0896    

Wallum Lake Rod & Gun Club *
200 Brook Road
Harrisville, RI 02830
(401) 568-7171

Phenix Sportsmen's Club *
Main Street
West Warwick, RI 02893
(401) 821-9659    

Warwick Sportsman's Association *
Hog House Hill Road
Exeter, RI 02898
(401) 294-6226

Pine Tree Gun Club *
P.O. Box 10
Hope, RI 02831    

Wincheck Gun Club
New London Turnpike
West Greenwich, RI 02817
(401) 397 9339

Providence Revolver Club
25 Seneca Street
Cranston, RI 02920
(401) 946-6920    

Woonsocket Sportsman's Club, Inc.
P.O.Box 931
Woonsocket, R.I. 02895-0787

Prudence Island Bow Hunters, Inc.
Mt. Hygeia Road
Foster, RI 02825    

Yankee Waterfowler's Hunting Retriever Club
185 Mowry Street
Harrisville, RI 02830

Rhode Island Chapter
National Wild Turkey Federation

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SAR/DAR of RI (Sons and Daughters of the Revolution),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Homeschool of RI,,

Shooters Associations of RI,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

4H Clubs of RI,,,,,,,,,,,,

Narragansett Boy Scout Coucil of RI
If you voted for got it. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?


You forgot my little club

Victory Sportsmen's Club *
PO Box 194
Chepachet, RI 02814
(401) 568-6861

We've only got 50 members (by charter)


The more the merrier. Thanks for adding to the list Jake.
If you voted for got it. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?

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