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WY/CO Pistol Shoots and TTT Certification

Started by sleepy, July 25, 2020, 01:07:25 PM

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We're reaching out to instructors west of the Mississippi interested in the pistol clinics. As you may or may not know, there are only two active master class grads (required to appoint new instructors) in the west, down in Texas.

One of these, Ghostring, will be running a Train-the-Trainer shoot in Cheyenne, Wyoming on October 10-11. They are open to full / red hat Instructors and above, no IITs, with a limit of 12 shooters. This involves both qualification on the pistol and certification as an instructor.

Additionally, Laramie Wyoming has a teaser (one day) pistol clinic on Friday August 14th (followed by a two-day KD); and Denver Colorado has a teaser (one day) pistol clinic on Saturday August 29th. Both of these are open to cadre of all grades, to include IITs. These shoots involve qualification on the pistol only, each having a limit of 8 shooters.

Cadre interested in these shoots are asked not to pre-register as instructors, but to sign up for instructor tickets in the Wyoming forum.

Qualifying before doing a TTT certification is smart, and bring a .22lr. Save the 155mm Desert Eagle for after you've already qualified. Take it from one who's already made the mistakes!

Instructors east of the Mississippi and in the gulf coast states are welcome too, but nonetheless are encouraged to attend shoots closer to home, where you have many master class grads available.

The one TTT certification shoot east of the Mississippi I do know of is in Marion Ohio on October 7-8, and is run by StevenK.

Questions? PM me and I'll do my best to help.