Author Topic: Oklahoma has lost a great man - Tom Dodson (Tomcat) died June 23, 2020  (Read 1459 times)

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Long time shoot boss, Run 'n' gunner and veteran Tom Dodson went to his reward on June 23, 2020.

Here's an excerpt from Tom's obituary.
Tom grew up in Miami Oklahoma where he enlisted in the delayed entry program into the United States Army voluntarily during the Vietnam era. He served honorably and was deployed to Korea to keep the Chinook helicopters running for battle.

In 1991 he started his own electrical contracting business after working for Miami Armature Works following his honorable discharge from the military. During the first Desert Storm conflict he enlisted in the Seebees and eventually  transitioned back into Army life.

During the mid 90s, Tom entered into civilian life again to be able to raise his daughter. He was also a fifth-degree black belt, a mentor and safety officer for the Apple Seed Project, and has bicycled over 10 100 mile bicycling events.

He even rode 65 miles on his 65th birthday last month. Tom faithfully served his community and continued running his own business until the day of his passing.

As Tom donated his body to medical research, there will only be memorial service at First Baptist Church in Miami, Oklahoma At 2 PM on Friday June 26, 2020.

Tom's only child, Jessica, posted a memorial link on Facebook where you can express your condolences to her and the family.

Anyone who knew Tom knew he was a dedicated patriot who loved this nation like no other.  He believed in the mission of Project Appleseed and gave of himself tirelessly as long as he could.

Tom mentored me through the program from a lowly orange hat to a shoot boss.  He rode me like a rented mule when I needed it but guided me to become the shoot boss I am.  He will be missed.

Here are a few more pics to acquaint you with Tom if you didn't know him.

Here he is working on a Chinook in Korea.

This was his usual run 'n' gun kit.

Here he is with a couple friends standing victoriously over some battered targets.

Here's Tom counting Red Coat hits at a 2015 shoot he bossed with me hustling as a lonely orange hat. 

A future red hat is at the far right of this photo wearing a red sweatshirt as if he already knew.

Tom came up to Kansas for a few years to run shoots with the express purpose of turning me into a shoot boss.  He practically wore a groove between his house and my local range.  With his mentoring we went from me being the only active hat as an IIT 1 to a state with now 6 red hats and 14+ somewhat active hats of all colors.

Here we are a year and a half later now with a budding crop of orange hats and shooters!  Tom planted the seeds of a solid program in Kansas and nurtured it for years.

Besides shooting Tom enjoyed riding his bike and did the Hotter 'n' Hell Hundred 100 mile bike ride as well as numerous other 100 milers.

I'll leave you with this photo Tom posted on Facebook with a simple sentence.

"Remember, there is beauty all around us every day. Everything is going to be all right."

Rest in peace Tom.  Take your rest.  You are home.
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Rest in Peace Brother.

I'd known Tom for many a year from both Appleseeds and run n' guns. Pretty much shocked to hear of this.
I just wanted to be left alone.

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Prayers to his family.
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I never had the honor of meeting him but he was one heck of a guy. RIP
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What a beautiful memorial.  Our prayers are with his daughter.

Debbie and Padraic Fonseca

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So sorry to hear of his passing.
RIP Tom.
Prayers sent to his daughter.
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I didn't know him well, but thought well of him as a good man.

I never worked a 'seed alongside Tom, but rubbed elbows with him at various run and gun events. In 2015 he drove to Pecos, TX in a Jeep that had a defective door buzzer blaring the whole trip. I shed some blood unplugging the sensor for him with some borrowed tools so he could have peace on the trip home. It might have been the last time I saw him.

RIP brother.
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"Remember, there is beauty all around us every day. Everything is going to be all right."

Sorry I didn't get to know you Tom, but from how everyone talks about you, I think we would of gotten along just fine. 

Rest in peace.



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As I rest this evening after preparing for a AS event here in OH I read this posting. My heart goes out to a fellow patriot in the AS program that has followed before me through those pearly gates of Heaven. God rest in peace and we will have a moment of silence for you tomorrow during our AS event here in OH. Love you.

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Our world is definitely a lesser place with his passing.
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RIP Brother
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I just now stumbled upon this, I had no idea. What a loss...  :'( I'll never forget Tom. Last time I saw him was at a 2018 Appleseed event that I helped instruct. He was probably, hands down, one of my best coaches. I remember he was right on the line in the dirt next to me at my first Appleseed event I attended as a student 8 years ago, and even let me borrow his AR-15 on an AQT after class that Sunday. Just all around great guy. Him and I were both avid history buffs and readers and he had an extensive book collection at his house that he let me peruse through and borrow a couple of titles from. Very sad to hear about this. The pic below was from my very first Appleseed back in June 2012. It was the same event that Tom earned his red hat. Rest in Peace old friend, it was an honor to share the line with you as a student and instructor.
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