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AQT / Rifleman plaque for my daughter

Started by bri, May 30, 2020, 07:34:35 PM

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My daughter, Megan, worked super hard to get her Rifleman patch at age 11 a couple of years ago (I think she shot at 7 or 8 events before getting 210).   Anyway, we have a CNC router and wanted to make something to display her AQT.   The silhouettes are the actual size they are on an AQT, just moved closer together, and we put holes through the wood to match her actual AQT.  Still need to stain it, but it has turned out pretty nicely so far.  See attached picture.


That looks amazing! I am especially impressed with the recreation of the Rifleman patch up top. I bet those stars were difficult. A very nice way to remember how she exemplified how a Rifleman perseveres.
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Snow Snake

   Bravo...nice work...You could have a nice "niche" business.
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Ditto from M ax Ord, and Snow Snake. Look for a call from me soon!
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That is totally brilliant!
She is an outstanding young woman.
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Father and daughter both have skills!  Good shooting and that plaque is AMAZING.



I would put this on the "Gifts for Appleseeders" list.

Provide options for wood species, stain, or paint.

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I hope you bring that to our next Appleseed so I can see it in person - SO COOL!!
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That is amazingly cool.  I have a teenage son who is knocking on the door of Rifleman. Maybe this will be his year.

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