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Pistol IBC at South Huntsville
« on: May 26, 2020, 11:31:31 AM »
We had the first Pistol Event in the great State of Alabama 23-24 May 2020! 
The AAR is below:

IT WAS A BLAST!! Literally and figuratively.
I want extend our deepest gratitude to Don Eiermann, owner of Hobbs Island Shooting Range.  Don is a tremendous supporter of Liberty and Project Appleseed!  We have held several events there and have more scheduled.
Day 1:  We arrived around 8:00ish and held an instructor meeting.  Shortly after the meeting, we all proceeded to the (outdoor) pistol bay.  Bluegrass Colonel and Glock Mike instructed the group on conducting an Appleseed Pistol event.  We were instructed on safety, differences between rifle and pistol events, and the line commands.
Bluegrass Colonel and GlockMike taught proper grip of the pistol, chamber checking, Weaver and Isosceles stances, low ready centerline index and natural point of aim.  We practiced.
We brought pistols to the line and practiced what was taught using 10 MOA squares.  Those were right small targets at 21 feet!  We discussed using paper plates and/or pie pans for some drills.
The was a tremendous amount of discussion throughout the weekend on the course of fire.  We had 2 Senior Instructors, a designated Shoot Boss, 3 Shoot Bosses, 4 Instructors and 3 IITs.  There was a great deal of experience on the line and AWESOME feedback on the instruction.
After lunch, GlockMike was presented with his 25-event pin.  HUZZAH!  Thank you for your commitment to Liberty Sir!  Bluegrass Colonel was presented with the Gold Border Alabama State Patch.  The gold border patch is presented to those who are felt to have gone above and beyond.  Bluegrass Colonel came down from Nashville and really took lead on the IBC.
We ended the day with 2 PQTs (Pistol Qualification Tests),  We discovered that the PQT is challenging!

Day 2: We arrived around 8:00ish again.  Bluegrass Colonel and GlockMike reviewed Day 1 instruction.  We warmed up with an untimed PQT.  Then, right into some PQTs.
By 2:00, we had 3 Pistoleers!  Tennessee Beast was Baptized with a 210, GlockMike and Mixed Metaphor both shot 215.
This is in NO WAY all encompassing.  The amount of instruction and knowledge passed by Bluegrass Colonel and GlockMike went far beyond what is shown here.
There is no way I could possibly thank Bluegrass Colonel and GlockMike enough! I really appreciate the instructors who came to be instructed. You all ROCK!
I deeply appreciate Rambling Wreck, Coke Guy, Roswell, Leadslinger66, AH1Tom, Tennessee Beast, Savage22, Mechanic, Palousie, Schutze for coming out to this event!
Look for pictures coming soon.
I love my Appleseed family.

May Liberty Increase!
May Liberty Increase,

J. Gary Smith

Alabama State Coordinator, Project Appleseed