Author Topic: VA instructors learn Appleseed's new Appleseed Pistol Clinic course  (Read 86 times)

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Appleseed volunteer instructors from VA, TN, OH, and WY came to Richmond, VA this weekend to learn the Appleseed Pistol Clinic POI to teach in each of their home states.  I always enjoy learning, shooting and coaching, and had a chance to do all (3) this past weekend.  A couple of things that stand out from this weekend:
1.) Appleseed volunteer instructors are great people to spend a weekend with! 
2.) Shooting a reduced target before a PQT results in great improvement from a previous attempt (score rose from a 203 to a 220 & patch!)
3.) Encountered my first squib misfire, strange reduced sound & recoil, smoke coming out the back and sides of my 9mm Sig 320 XCompact.  Waited 30-seconds, dropped the mag and ejected the round, bullet still seated in the casing, primer hit but lots of brown stuff over the bottom of the casing.
4.) Can't wait to start coaching Appleseed Pistol Clinic in VA!

I didn't take a lot of photos, but below are some shooting pics, reduced target slow fire:

Stage 1 & 2 of PQT

Sage 3, 4 & 5 of PQT

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Nice job! And thanks for posting the target. The folks attending the IBC in New Mexico at the end of the month are getting the opportunity to try their hand at the pistol "AQT".  I can't wait!  :)