Author Topic: All MD Instructors: Please Read March Maryland COVID 19 Event Cancellations  (Read 100 times)

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All:  It is with great hesitance that I write this, but.... we are canceling the March 21st Annapolis event and March 28-29 IBC at Annapolis, due to the COVID 19 emergency... There are too many unknowns with this situation and it would be irresponsible to push forward until more info is available.   We'll still have a Nation to Save in a few weeks when more is known about both the seriousness and duration of the emergency. An announcement will be made on the MD Facebook page this weekend.

Thank you all for your continued support and be safe. If ya'll need ANYTHING, let me know.. (yes, I'm a toilet paper Millionaire  ;D) We take care of our own...    B
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