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Appleseed Homeschool in TX?

Started by Golgo13, March 08, 2020, 11:25:43 PM

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Hey all -

Am a new Orange Hat and we are a homeschool family.  We live north of SA and are active in the Hill Country Christian Homeschoolers - I think an Appleseed event would be fantastic for this group.

How does one get something like this started?   Anyone in the area with experience?

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Golgo... welcome to the program!

I can't speak for the Texas cadre, but we've done some awesome Fri/Sat events for home schoolers in the Tennessee Valley region.

Thank you for stepping up!

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We do private events for Trail Life Boys, American Heritage Girls and other groups here in North and Central TX pretty often. If you have a group that's interested in a private event, I'd say get a rough headcount and get with the instructors who you've worked with to see about getting something on the calendar. They would then reach out to Scuzzy and Ghostring to coordinate.

Please drop by a shoot if you're ever near Waco or DFW.



Super cool - thanks.    I will. . .   
"We can no longer live as rats.  We know too much."
- Nicodemus, The Secret of NIMH


When Scout was around (Master Instructor from long ago in Davilla TX), He used to do home school only shoots out at his place, and we had as many as 40 kids up there. We could turn one of our 25m events into one of those, but we don't have much room on the line--only 12 spots. We would need a larger venue.  We can fit a LOT of folks out at Dietz where we hold the KD events. We have 17-18 October reserved there, but we don't have it on the schedule yet. I was waiting on the development of the rimfire KD syllabus to see if we could do that (200yds). Haven't heard much about that lately, so a home school event is a possibility. I'll talk to Jim (Ghostring) when he comes in Friday night to see what he thinks.
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If a homeschool event is planned for the future my wife and I would be interested to help out.  We are new (<2 years) to Texas so driving to new places is still a draw for us.  We just finished a shoot in El Paso where I agreed to take an orange hat and my wife took a blue hat.  We homeschooled our 4 kids and got two of them loving Appleseed.  Didn't know about it in time for our two oldest.  :-[  We also know a family or two that may be interested in bringing some kids.  We are located about halfway between Houston and Victoria.

Best regards for Homeschoolers.  Keep up the good fight!  :F

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