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Eagle Creek DRRC February 22-23 2020

Started by janer, February 10, 2020, 12:32:49 PM

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Looking forward to our first event of 2020 at Douglas Ridge Rifle Club, Eagle Creek, OR.  There is still room on the line if you want to sign up.


Hi, I will be attending and looking forward to it!

I have a question about sights - I plan to use Magpul MBUS sights on an AR15 in 22LR. I have heard the opinion that because they are backup sights they are not very well suited for precision shooting. To me, they look like the usual AR15 style aperture sight and post, and I believe people use those just fine. Is there something I'm missing?


Tennessee Beast

Sights are somewhat dependent on YOUR confidence in their ability (shooting is largely mental).  If there isn't much wiggle in the sights, I would say you are good to go. 
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Thanks! I'll have a 1-6x around as well, but I wanted to do irons.


I have struggled with the MBUS sights on my AR.   The click value of a sighting system is dependent on distance between the front and rear sights along with the thread pitch of the sight.

For my rifle, the click value of the MBUS sights was nearly 2 minutes of angle (MOA) per click.   You may want to determine what it is for your setup.

You can determine the click value of the sighting system on your rifle by shooting a couple groups.   

Set a target out at 25 yard, then shoot one 3 shot group for the baseline group.    Click the sighting system 20 click, and shoot another 3 shot group.   Measure the distance between the center of each group in inches.

Take the distance between groups (inches), multiply it by 4 (MOA /inch) and this will calculate the group distance in MOA.   Now divide the distance in MOA by the number of clicks and you will know the MOA/click value of your setup.

You will want to know this information to help zero your rifle during the event, and also for the DOPE (date on personal equipment) of your rifle.
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Ah, great idea. I'll figure that out this weekend. Thanks!


I didn't end up having enough time to make it Sunday, but Saturday gave me plenty to practice! I hope more folks qualified as riflemen Sunday.

Thanks to all the volunteers for your time and dedication in putting on the event!


Great weekend at Douglas Ridge Rifle Club.  Thank you DRRC for hosting Project Appleseed.  Thank you all for coming out in the cold, wet, and wind. Congratulations to all our riflemen.  New:  Mike with high of 225, and River with a 219.  Cliff requalified. Huzzah!

We also have a new Orange Hat.  Thanks for stepping up Mike!

Everyone showed improvement throughout the weekend.  We have a lot of you knocking at the door with 185-200 scores.  As we talked about Sunday, dry practice can get you there.

I will post the few pictures I have.  Flipper and Earl?
I really hope to see you all on the line again.


Hope to see everyone again on the range, do dry practice about five times a week, it is your body work on the steady hold factors and the six steps of making the shot, every shot, and do use NPOA, relax the body, close eyes breath in breath out, open eyes on target take the shot, not on target move the body. It really works and rifleman's cadence to cut your times.

I am on Facebook, posted many pictures there 'William Earl Dungey', and my blog is 'Earl's View Focus on the front sight.'
Am technically challenged and tried to post link to blog and post pictures and was 'timed out' by internet, Microsoft or this forum but I will be back.  :F
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