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The Roll of Honor

Started by The Wolfhound, January 23, 2020, 08:44:19 AM

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The Wolfhound

On Monday, January 20, 2020, Appleseeders turned out to answer the call of "Turn out Patriots, Turn out!" for the Virginia Lobby Day gathering and rally.  First, as the Virginia State Coordinator, I want to thank every one who assisted in making the event run smoothly from our perspective.  There was a lot of effort behind the scenes and before the event that made it successful.  Secondly, I want to personally thank and salute EVERYONE who answered the Appleseed call that came out on Monday to support the effort.  I met many of you at and around the event but I know many more were there that I did not meet.  I want to honor all Appleseed participants here, by name for history to record.  Please PM me with the names and States of any and all people who helped with the logistics of came out for the event.  Do not count on someone else to do it.  I want to honor all, and miss no one.  Toot your own horn if need be, but let me know who was there and who you saw there.  I stand in awe of your efforts.

"The Wolfhound"
Virginia State Coordinator
Senior Instructor

The Virginia Lobby Day Roll of Honor:

   Maximum Ordinate
   Coke Guy
North Carolina:
   Mr. McCain
   Aim Small Miss Small
   Vapor trace
   Mother Baterick
   Henry Foxall
   Hilton Best
   Phil Wheeler
   Ricky Roach
   Tim Petway
   Eugene Hoover
   Tim May
South Carolina:
   Cpt. Stan
   Tennessee Beast
    Richard D. Jones
   Missus Monkey
   Bolt gun Bill
   The Handler
   The Son
   The Wolfhound


My buddy Richard and fellow Instructor from Waco drove out. Just talked to him. Said he'd hooked up with a bunch of Instructors.

Thank you to all.

I did see a pic of an Appleseeder on one of the blogs which I attached.
"Pray. But eventually you're going to have to pick up a rock." - David

The Wolfhound

That would be "Tennessee Beast"!

Richard D. Jones

  From Waco Texas in an old truck with no heater. I answered the call to duty with the conviction of "Give me Liberty or give me death". I wrote of my experience and it is quite lengthy. If anyone is interested, I will post my AAR; "23 hours to Virginia".
"A Man's Pistol is used to get to his Rifle"

The Wolfhound

Thanks for coming up, and I look forward to your AAR added to this post.


Quote from: Richard D. Jones on January 23, 2020, 12:39:50 PM
  From Waco Texas in an old truck with no heater. I answered the call to duty with the conviction of "Give me Liberty or give me death". I wrote of my experience and it is quite lengthy. If anyone is interested, I will post my AAR; "23 hours to Virginia".

It was a pleasure meeting you as well, sir.  Thanks for answering the call.
"5 minutes for this stage - that's like a week in people years!"

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― Hyman G. Rickover

"Scoring is a function of great execution, and winning Is the result, but thinking about winning can pull your focus off of proper execution in a competition. Thinking about process is the answer."- Lanny Bassham

Richard D. Jones

   AAR Jan. 20, 2020 Virginia Lobby Day    "23 hours to Virginia"

    Had to go. Compelled  to duty. Tried to go with group OCT but time constraints on my part disallowed. Made the trip in my own vehicle with no heater. Go fund me with a little cash for gas. Left 0700 for Virginia. First time in many years to drive for that long and only a few hours of stop time allowed. 20 hours of drive and time change ( I forgot about that). Old eyesight and the lights of cars ahead and from behind me blinding.      23 hours to Virginia.      
    For days ahead of the VDL Lobby Jan. 20, 2020, I prepared for the worse possible scenario. Rumors of Civil War, Antifa, conspiracy, and the leftist radicals starting the Boog-a-loo (slang that implies armed defense) were all very real and a possibility. I prepared for casualties and defensive action. My kit, already prepped, required a few additions. I ordered smoke grenades and added them and some extra chest seals and Chest Needle Decompression needles. I wanted to be prepared for what would be needed, should some idiot started shooting, a real possibility. My soul secure in the knowledge that God is on my side and that I am armored in his protection, I drove to an unknown fate.       
     I was not prepared for the very personal, emotional effect it would have on me. The cold was unreal and only relieved by hot coffee and the warmth found at quick stops. The drive was exhausting and sleep deprivation took it's toll on me. My thoughts of not being able to hold and kiss the soft and tender lips of my wife or to feel the warmth of her hugs. When the alarm went off on my phone, the thought of my loyal friend howling and singing for me. What would happen when I'm gone? Lump in my throat and tears in my eyes as these thoughts went through my mind. I'm sure a soldier thinks of these as he's deployed. And yet I still must do my duty.     
   I arrived to Richmond Virginia 0700 by Texas time but 0800 by Virginia time. Still had to drive into the Capital area and find parking. Very confusing to get into the area I was trying to get to. Traffic there is horrible because people drive 10 miles over the limit and ride your bumper as if they do not realize you do not know your actual destination. Road blocks created constant redirection so I ended up in circles and parking was not available until I finally found a parking garage open to the public. I drove in circles in the garage but there were too many people in the garage that were just standing around so I did not feel that my truck would be safe there. They charged me $5.00 to drive around and leave. I reevaluated my actions thus far and decided to get as close as possible and just park in a lot that had an open spot even if it was illegal to park there. It's 1030 now and I'm really feeling the fatigue. Put on my jacket, put my little 5 shooter in my pocket, and headed out to see what I could see. Too tired to even kit up. Found a group of Project Appleseed who I did not know they were going to be there. I'm an instructor for them and got in their picture. Met one of the moderators for them and put a face to the forum name. Walked through thousands of people that were there and worked my way to be able to view the capital steps. What an AWESOME turnout! You could feel the electricity of commodore in the crowds of nameless faces. It was bitter cold and the wind made it feel much worse. Masses standing in the cold, STANDING for Virginia on sacred ground. The Freedom and Right of the people to keep and bear arms. Our Second Amendment being literally assaulted by a Tyrant! Never made it to where my group of OCT (Open Carry Texas) was because the cold and fatigue just beat me down so hard, but I came, I saw, and I just had to find a place that was warm to shut down. Found the first motel I could and laid down. Gone! Not even a dream.
   Now after a grueling trip there, it was time to get home to Texas. Loaded up and headed out at 0600 Virginia time. Better prepared for the trip home with my winter hunting jump suit on. Should have worn it on the trip up but I live in Texas. The trip home was better with the knowledge that I drive at the speed of those around me. I flowed much better with traffic. It was still cold but I was headed home and not being carried by six. Just like the previous trip to Virginia the sun came up and went down and with the sun going down my night blindness kicked in and the temperature dropped. It got worse when my driver's side rear tire blew out while in the left lane. God took the wheel on this one. Somehow I got across two lanes of traffic at 80 miles an hour with a shredded tire to the safety of the shoulder. While changing the tire, the State run wrecker service lit me up with his lights. An angel that had no idea who sent him. Back to the road with the knowledge that another blow out would strand me. Later on noted the temp gauge was higher than normal. Pulled into a little place in Georgia. Added 2 gallons of water and observed no obvious leaks so I continued. Defroster actually worked a little bit!  I stopped again to fuel. A young lady was sweeping the floor and another behind the counter. I asked if they had coffee? After removing my glove, I reached out to touch the one sweeping and she extended her arm so I touched her with a very cold hand. She gave me the coffee at no charge. It was large cup of very welcomed warm coffee. I thanked them and jumped back in the truck and on my way. Refueled once more again and could not find my debit card. With only a little cash I was going to be cutting it close getting home. I fueled up and was walking back to get in the truck, on the ground was my card. It must have fallen out of my hunting suit. Again the Lord was taking care of me. Was starting to feel the effects of fatigue again before leaving Louisiana and it was starting to rain. Hard to keep the windshield clear and the rain bounced the lights off the wet surface of the road. The night blindness was horrific. Slowed me down to 60 mph and the 18 wheeler's, throwing water spray from their wheels, literally obstructed my vision of the road as they flew by. Almost had one up my backside at at turn off that I almost missed. God obviously had the wheel again. Made it past the 20 to I-35 turn off and had to pull over. The stress and fatigue was kicking me hard. Got out and stretched my legs and attempted to wake myself up enough to continue. It worked for a short while but just could not keep going with the thought of getting run over or going off the road. Found a spot to pull over and laid the seat back. Sleep was welcome and it only took about 30 minuets to refresh my mind and commitment to get home. Only 45 miles to go to get to Waco. The rain had slowed a lot and the spray from 18 wheeler's was not as bad. Temperatures were better and rolling down the window a little helped keep the windshield clearer. 0630 I pulled in to my driveway. Too tired to think and tears in my eyes...I was home.
   The experience taught me many things but the main one was that God was with me. I knew he was, but he showed me. I found out that I am not as young as I used to be and I hate the limitations I must face in the future. Would I do it again?  With a few changes due to my deficits...You bet I would!   
"A Man's Pistol is used to get to his Rifle"


Great article! I know the emotions you were experiencing on the way to Richmond.  The same thoughts were running through my head as I travelled to Richmond.  I didn't have as far to travel, but still felt it was my duty to go come what may.  I thank you for thr effort and sacrifices that you and others made to be there in support of our virginia brethern.  Praise  to God for answering the prayers of many for a peaceful and safe trip

The Wolfhound

The list is now posted!  Many thanks to those hardy souls that responded to the call.  Please advise me of any changes or edits that need to be made for accuracy.


Confirming I was there as well.

I just joined the forums and Tennessee Beast recommended I reach out here.


Richard D. Jones

   Fantastic turn out! Much respect for those who mustered at a call to arms!
"A Man's Pistol is used to get to his Rifle"


I was very concerned about the safety of our instructors who were attending this event, but we all have to follow our conscience.

It turned out beautifully and our cadre was a credit to the program.

you made us proud!

The Second Amendment is a doomsday provision, one designed for those exceptionally rare circumstances where all other rights have failed -- where the government refuses to stand for reelection and silences those who protest; where courts have lost the courage to oppose, or can find no one to enforce their decrees. However improbable these contingencies may seem today, facing them unprepared is a mistake a free people get to make only once.

-- Justice Alex Kozinski, US 9th Circuit Court, 2003



I don't remember seeing Bolt Gun Bill, but I was totally there with our group of VA cadre!


Bill Plunkett


Tennessee Beast

Quote from: BillP_556 on June 05, 2020, 05:03:49 PM
I don't remember seeing Bolt Gun Bill, but I was totally there with our group of VA cadre!


Bill Plunkett

I did!
In giving us dominion over the animal kingdom, God has signified His will that we subdue the beast within ourselves.
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They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.
Benjamin Franklin, 1775

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- Richard Henry Lee, Declaration Signer

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