Author Topic: Kentucky Proposed Bills Could Affect Appleseed Events-Write Your Legislators  (Read 96 times)

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Write your Commonwealth legislators to defend liberty today!

Go to this web site, zoom in if need be, click on your town to highlight your Kentucky legislators. Click on their bio and you should see a link to an email interface

Americans in 1789 wisely refused to ratify the US Constitution without assurances that the government would not impose the same tyrannical actions that England had, which precipitated our fight for Independence. To that end, Congress drafted the Bill of Rights. These included the right to bear arms and the right to security of their property against seizures.

There have been several pre-filing of bills in the Commonwealth which would infringe on those rights, such as the Assault Weapons Ban/Registration, Red Flag law, and reversal of the allowance for concealed carry by all citizens. The Assault Rifle Bill could impact on Appleseed events in several ways: As you know, the AR 15 platform is the most popular centerfire platform in America. Project Appleseed Edition M4-22 PRO would run afoul of this ill-conceived bill which largely uses rifle cosmetics to classify a semi-automatic magazine-fed rifle as an “Assault Rifle”. Any magazine-fed, semi-automatic rifle (the recommended rifle of Appleseed) could fall under the umbrella of "Assault Rifle" based on cosmetics: threaded barrel, front grip, pistol grip, a thumb-hole stock, collapsable stock, etc.

If you support this effort, please consider sharing this appeal with your friends

“In my opinion, the M1 rifle is the greatest battle implement ever devised.” Patton
"Pro Libertate" - William Wallace

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Get busy with this now.  Don't let KY go the way VA is trying to be sent.