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reply: The End of Appleseed in Virginia? A Call to Action

Started by WhyWon, December 20, 2019, 07:51:27 PM

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Any one in MD interested in joining me in going down for this event?


See quote below in your browser


The End of Appleseed in Virginia?  A Call to Action!Are those hoof beats I hear?  To protect their liberty, 14,000 patriots responded 244 years ago in 24 hours to the urgent need to take up arms against the King of England and his army. Riders on horseback carried the message (cell reception was terrible!).  Patriots, can we rally 14,000 (or more) peaceful citizens using modern communications before January 20 to protect our liberty?  Will you spread the word and come out?  Be at the Virginia Capitol on January 20, 2020! Stand for your liberty!  Our rights WILL be trampled unless the General Assembly fears doing it.  Make a statement by peacefully filling the building and streets with unprecedented numbers they cannot ignore.  YOUR LIBERTY IS AT STAKE.  Only a massive turnout will make them listen. Join us for this important and historic gathering to deliver the message that we will not allow our God-given right to Liberty to be taken away by elected officials.Specifics about the event are below, shared by Pat Webb, VCDL Treasurer:As for specifics for the event, we will begin forming groups [size=inherit !important][font=inherit !important]at 08:00[/font][/size] at or around 10th and Bank Streets.  These groups will enter the General Assembly Building and visit with assigned Senators and Delegates, leaving packets detailing all the gun bills filed to date and what our position is on them.  We encourage people to stop by their own Representatives offices as well.

[/size][size=inherit !important][font=inherit !important]At 11:00 to Noon[/font][/size] we will hold a rally on the Capital steps.  Afterwards, many people meet at local restaurants for lunch before either heading back to the GA Building to sit in on committee meetings or heading home.

It is a highly educational day for school age children and teaches them about the legislative process and the importance of being a part of our government.

Carry is permitted outside the building.  Open carry is allowed with or without a permit and concealed carry with a permit.  Magazines are restricted to 20 rounds or less if one doesn't have a permit.  Carry inside the building, open or concealed, is only allowed if one has a concealed handgun permit.
From Maximum Ordinate: These pre-filed bills in the Virginia legislature could very well end Project Appleseed in the Commonwealth. That's no exaggeration. If you're in Virginia or the surrounding states, I urge you to attend, get involved, and make your voices heard.  Bring a friend or two!VCDL is planning charter buses from many locations in Virginia.  More info on that can be found here: [size=inherit !important] use this thread on the Project Appleseed Forum to aid you in connecting with Virginia Appleseeders: and good luck.For the AOC:Rusty BonkoskiNational Coordinator[/c]
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I will try to go (and carpooling sounds great) but may have to be at SHOT Show for work.


I'm 95% in...  Whatever the antis are able to get away with in VA, is sure to be mirrored in MD, but on steroids...  I encourage sending a contingent South and hope a few others will join as well... B
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