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Its Official - Ohio IBC-Tusco Rifle Club-New Philly-Feb 15/16,2020

Started by Corvette, December 04, 2019, 12:41:29 PM

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KY IIT's, Instructors and Riflemen,

It is official, Ohio will host an Instructor Boot Camp at the Tusco Rifle Range near New Philadelphia, Ohio on Feb 15&16, 2020.  Tusco is located in central Ohio just east of I77. The event will be held in the main clubhouse.

Attendees should go to the main Appleseed site and find the event on the Ohio list.  Sign up via the site the same way that a shooter would.  Here is a quick link.

I will be reaching out via PM to select SB's/Instructors to help with the planning/presentations.  I will ask these folks to sign up via TIPs to instruct at the event.   

We will have access starting Friday night around 6PM.  The event is open to all Appleseed instructors and to shooters who have shot a Rifleman's score and want to take an Orange or Blue hat at the event.

Attendees can bunk in the main club house and we will have a separate building for the ladies to bunk in.  The club has showers available on site, more details to follow.

We will be collecting $25/attendee-instructor to cover the cost of food for the weekend.  We will be providing breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and breakfast and lunch on Sunday.

We plan to have a first aid presentation Friday night that will be presented by an EMT from the area.  This will include trauma issues, bleeding control, use of a tourniquet, dealing with heat issues, etc.   We are working on finding a local person who can come either Saturday or Sunday to do custom embroidery so if you want patches sown on your Appleseed vest, your name added to your hat, your cotton slings personalized , or other embroidery, bring your stuff.  Don't know who or pricing yet but am working with the club to arrange this.

Saturday evening, we will be having an informal rifle orientation program to review the operation of a variety of different rifles that you may come across working events.  We also plan to have a session on assembly and use of the 1907 leather rifle sling.

It will be two days of hard work covering all of our course of instruction, coaching on how to do heritage and lots of fun with your fellow Appleseeders.  I hope to see many of you there.


Be bold, brave and forthright and the bold, the brave and the forthright will gather around you!


KY Appleseed,

The planning for the iBC at Tusco Rifle Range near New Philadelphia, Ohio on Feb 15 &16, 2020 is moving forward.  If you are going to join us, I need you go to the main Appleseed site, find the event and sign up as an attendee by the end of this week.  We are looking to finalize head count so we can finalize plans for food etc.

We have a great program planned, if you are an IIT, there will be a great amount of experience that you can take advantage of to advance your Appleseed skills.  We hope to see you in three weeks at the event.

Corvette, Ohio SC
Be bold, brave and forthright and the bold, the brave and the forthright will gather around you!