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Choice Hotels Discount

Started by Tennessee Beast, November 27, 2019, 09:45:28 AM

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Tennessee Beast

RWVA/Project Appleseed now has a corporate code that gives up to 10% off Best Available Rate . To get rate, apply corp id code 00468570 (drop down menu) to your bookings.  Ensure that it says "currently logged in as RWVA/Project Appleseed". If it says that then you know that the code has been appropriately attached.

This code can be shared with friends, family, shooters, etc.  The more the code is used, the better chance we get a larger discount next year (15, 20, or even 25%).

1.    Online @
2.   Choice App
3.   800.4CHOICE

The hotel cannot directly apply the corporate ID. Please book by 3 listed ways only.

•   Attach your corp ID to Choice Privileges Account (see attached document for name is RWVA/Project Appleseed)
•   Have flyer or code handy
•   Keep all confirmation details of stays/bookings
•   Book ahead of time if possible
•   Take advantage of promotions (next comes out May 7th)
•   SHARE! SHARE! SHARE! Code is allowed for  personal, friends, and family use as well.
•   Search other sources for rates THEY PRICE MATCH
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Thank you, just added this to my account.
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Young man,


Thanks for getting this set up, and that's for all your hard work getting these relationships established.

"5 minutes for this stage - that's like a week in people years!"

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