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Annapolis, MD - November 9-10 2019 - AAR
« on: November 10, 2019, 07:05:33 PM »
A wonderful shoot this weekend in Annapolis Maryland with 5 shooters braving a cold Veteran's Day weekend to learn marksmanship and celebrate our heritage.

I hate to complain about cold weather when compared to winter Appleseeds in other states, but this was our coldest weekend of the year and Saturday was the AQT stage 4 of days: start cold and stay cold!

We had a range of participants from age 12 to 48, with skills ranging from absolute beginnere to pretty darned good. All shooters showed immediate and steady progress throughout Saturday and the afternoon Red Coat showed significant improvement despite frozen hands and feet.

Sunday brought all of our shooters back and after the morning Red Coat and squares, we jumped into AQTs.

Kevin M set the standard with a 213 to requalify as Rifleman - Huzzah!

All of the shooters kept gaining ground and nearly all achieved Sharpshooter:
Maddy M was oh so close on her first AQT with a 201 - and that was mostly because of a miscount on targets which was heartbreaking to score. Maddy was bitten by the malfunction bug as the day continued and kept keeping rounds on the upper AQT stages due to a series of stovepipes, failures to feed, and failures to eject. We hosed down the action with Hornady OneShot to get through stage 4 (where she scored an 84 out of 100 - wow!) and the Red Coat but the damage was done. Maddy, I hope you return because I am sure you can make Rifleman if you can put it all together on the same target and keep the rifle running right.

Olivia B, starting Saturday never having handled a rifle, ended up with back-to-back scores of 175. Thanks for making the long drive both ways each day from Philadelphia - we really hope you can attend a future event and bring a friend!

Olivia K, who was shooting her first AQTs after attending only part of a prior Appleseed, kept marching up the ladder through the 180s and ended up with a high of 186 - that is just fantastic! We can't wait to have you back as well.

Devlin M, a young but experienced Appleseeder, showed the whole group how it was done - getting into proper positions, shifting his belt buckle, making the transitions, and NEARLY clearing his final Red Coat of Sunday - all but the shingle. This young man knows what he is about.

Best of all, at the insistence of his son Devlin, Kevin M took an orange hat, having attended several Appleseeds and qualified as Rifleman many times. We are excited to have you on the team!

All in all, I couldn't have asked for a better Veteran's Day weekend. The attendees were very attentive and engaged on the history and I hope everyone took away the importance of preserving the rights and freedoms won for us through the sacrifice of those who fought on April 19th.

Special thanks to fellow instructor Etervigila who persevered through a cold weekend to provide fine instruction and coaching. And thanks to AAFG for hosting us - we couldn't ask for a better rimfire range in Maryland.

Hope to see you on the line next time!

Pictures are posted at the Maryland Appleseed Facebook page:
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Re: Annapolis, MD - November 9-10 2019 - AAR
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2019, 10:53:00 PM »
Many thanks to you and Etervigila. Your outstanding coaching contributed to our successes. And the patience you both demonstrated with everyone, especially the kids, was well received. My niece, Maddy, already said she wants to do another Appleseed. And Devlin (Liberty Boy), is determined as ever to clear the Red Coats. Both will be telling their friends about Appleseed and sharing our history.

Excited to join the Appleseed team!

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Re: Annapolis, MD - November 9-10 2019 - AAR
« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2019, 04:38:14 PM »
Sounds like a great event with some really good shooters