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Macon, GA 19-20 Oct 2019 AAR
« on: October 22, 2019, 08:02:29 AM »
Marion Road Gun Club in Macon, GA hosted a two-day Appleseed clinic on 19-20 October 2019. After 2 months of drought, it poured all day Saturday, leading to a cancellation. But it turned out beautiful Sunday for twelve shooters who came out to hear some American history and learn traditional rifle marksmanship.

After introduction and a safety brief, students shot their first redcoat to gage skill level. Results revealed that we had some very capable shooters on the firing line. We rolled right into instruction, teaching steady hold factors, six steps of the shot and natural point of aim, each lesson put into immediate practice with a drill following.

Throughout the day, shooters heard the true story of April 19th, 1775 through the telling of the Three Strikes of The Match. The history of Paul Revere’s ride, Lexington and Concord was told to share the fact that we are all inheritors and stewards of liberty and freedom that was paid for in blood.

Lessons were given on talking targets, Inches, Minutes and Clicks and firing in rifleman’s cadence. Shot groups continued to shrink, with many getting most of their shots in the 4 MOA black square. Shooters then learned and practiced the seated and standing positions.

Three Appleseed Qualification Tests (AQT) were shot Sunday afternoon. On the first try, Mike J. shot an impressive 226/250 and followed that with a 222/250, well over the 210 score it takes to earn the Rifleman’s patch. On the second AQT, first-time Appleseeder and Highpower shooter Jeremy shot an outstanding 222/250 with iron sights. One of the highlights of the day was watching MRGC president Kyle shoot a 235/250 with iron sights – on a bolt action WWII trainer rifle with 5 round mag! Kyle was awarded the Distinguished Rifleman tab for this incredible feat. 

It was great to have three youth on the line. Brendon showed solid improvement throughout the day and was quite pleased to hit the V center of target on a few occasions. McKinley demonstrated her typical skill in hitting small targets with relative ease. First timer Riley took to the rifle like a duck to water, getting oh-so-close to a Rifleman’s patch with a 208 score. Great job!
Thanks dads, for bringing them out.

Thanks to Marion Road Gun Club for their longtime hospitality. Thank you all, shooters, for your teachable attitudes and enthusiasm.  It was an honor and privilege to work with you. We hope to see you again.
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Re: Macon, GA 19-20 Oct 2019 AAR
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Awesome! Sounds like a great event!
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