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Armor Up - Botach
« on: September 09, 2019, 11:29:01 AM »
Thanks to Chucky Schumer wanting to ban armor sales for civilians it got me looking around. I've spoken to my wife about getting inserts for my kids back packs anyway as well as my laptop bag or carry on for when I fly (kevlar is fine to carry on, but plated armor probably not and you likely don't want to haul around that weight anyhow).

So I'd like to share my purchase and encourage others to look here as well. Botach has 11x14" kevlar inserts that fit back packs and computer bags perfectly. They weigh less than a pound, a little stiff but they will flex a bit to form with a bag that's got a curve or whatever to it. I bought 3 of them at $50 each!! They have a born on date on the side you can clearly read and are good for at least 5 years. Mine, the born on date was 3 weeks prior to the date I received them, so very "fresh".

I don't know if this stuff will be banned or not, but I do know you can get it now and it's affordable. If you want protection above 3a you can get level 4 plates for 80 bucks each! Those you will be put on a waiting list but they're doing a good job keeping up with the list. Wait times are around a week or two.

I saw a video explaining why this needs to be available for civilians that I never thought of. Here's a few civilians who typically want this stuff: Those guys who load ATMs, private security firms, private eyes, EMTs, use your imagination from there.

Thanks to Chuck for wanting to make it easier for evil people to be victorious in their goals. Lets hope he fails in his ambitions

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Re: Armor Up - Botach
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2019, 05:47:54 PM »

THANK YOU for posting about the inserts; I've ordered  the 10"x15" that should fit perfectly inside my thirteen year-old daughter's book backpack, and I also got one one for her gym backpack.  I pray it's never needed, but especially with the reasonable price, every parent should have one in their child's book bag! 

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Re: Armor Up - Botach
« Reply #2 on: September 29, 2019, 07:44:48 PM »
I support body armor, but I'm iffy when it comes to the stuff marketed for bookbags. Most schools around here don't allow bookbags in the classroom or when walking in the hallways except for arriving and leaving school. In addition, I'm not sure how a bookbag body armor plate would fit in within ALICE or run/hide/fight. Perhaps prevent against being shot in the back? It encourages children to hide under desks and hold a plate in front of themselves to hopefully shield bullets. This same behavior resulted in the same sitting duck massacres in Columbine and Parkland.
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