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Highpower competition in Memphis
« on: August 29, 2019, 08:24:49 AM »
KD is still alive and well in north central Arkansas! With consistent practice on KD steel and on the NRA 600 yard competition target, ArcEagle14 and I decided to test our mettle in NRA Highpower competition against some Riflemen in Memphis, Tenessee at the Memphis Sport Shooting Range.

The range is one of the best I have seen, very well kept, much like military ranges that I knew so well in the past. Their Highpower range uses E targets, very similar to those in use at Talledega.

All shooting at 600 yards, three strings of fire, with 20 rounds for record. We were in the Service Rifle class, so we were shooting against other competitors, similarly equipped.

Long story short, when the smoke cleared, we scored first and second place!

We will be going back next month for more matches, the next is Across the Course(XTC), which is similar to our Appleseed KD, but we will shoot standing 200 yards slowfire, 200 yards sitting rapidfire, 300 yards prone rapid fire and 600 yards slowfire.

As usual, we invite all those who want to catch up on firearms marksmanship to meet us at the Vets Shooting Center, in Russell, Arkansas. We'll be ready to shoot either the reduced course or some KD, we'll even supply the rifles and ammunition, if needed.

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Re: Highpower competition in Memphis
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Re: Highpower competition in Memphis
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Re: Highpower competition in Memphis
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Good work.