Author Topic: Appleseed in September in Hot Springs. Practice day and CCI SV  (Read 154 times)

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The September Appleseed is coming up in about three weeks.

So I thought that I had better get out and practice, especially with a new rifle and all.

I'm happy to report that I did get the sights dialed in shooting into the sun last weekend.

I had only one stovepipe with 100 rounds of CCI SV today.

There were a few minimags left in a couple of magazine, so I shot those after I was really warmed up.

It wasn't even close. CCI SV groups so much better.

I have tested CCI SV against a lot of other brands including all of the Lapua brands. I have found nothing that groups better.

The only drawback is that your rifle has to be super clean or the CCI SV will frequently stovepipe.

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Re: Appleseed in September in Hot Springs. Practice day and CCI SV
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2019, 11:38:36 PM »
Continuing on about CCI SV.

Somebody is going to strongly believe that it isn't the most accurate 22lr available, and will probably be too polite to say so.

Here's the deal. We are Appleseed shooters. The most accurate position is slung up prone, where most Appleseeders are happy with 4 MOA and believe they are the king of the hill if they get a 2 MOA group. That is probably not accurate enough to determine which brand of ammo is really the best performer.

In a previous trial I had my rifle on a bipod and was shooting 1.5 MOA groups with CCI SV, CCI Green Tag and Lapua Center-X, Lapua Midas did not do as well. Green Tag and Center-X were the same. Nothing else grouped tighter than CCI SV.

I hadn't before compared CCI Mini-Mags to CCI SV in a controlled situation. Clearly they are an Appleseed favorite, mostly because they are unlikely to stovepipe even in a not very clean rifle.

I shot a rifleman's score at an event last weekend with the same mini-mags (different rifle). Clearly they well get the job done.

If your goal is to score a 250 you will probably need to use something else. Just make sure that your rifle is squeaky clean if you choose CCI SV.

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Re: Appleseed in September in Hot Springs. Practice day and CCI SV
« Reply #2 on: August 29, 2019, 07:45:48 AM »
I'm a fan of CCI SV ammunition, in fact, it's all I shoot now! I made the switch last year, when I found it was very accurate and reliable in my S&W Model 41! I tried it in my Appleseed rifles, it works well in those too, so far, I average in the 240's consistently.
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Re: Appleseed in September in Hot Springs. Practice day and CCI SV
« Reply #3 on: August 30, 2019, 11:52:48 PM »
Check Rimfire Central for the bolt modification to help the 10/22 cycle better with lower powered ammo.  If you have access to a stationary disk sander it is a very easy mod to do.

I suggest buying buy the case to further reduce variation as the ammo comes from the same lot and it is cheaper.

God luck chasing the 250!
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Re: Appleseed in September in Hot Springs. Practice day and CCI SV
« Reply #5 on: September 04, 2019, 10:03:43 AM »
CCI SV and Wolf Match are all we use for Appleseed and for CMP Rimfire Sporter.

I did an ammo test awhile back with my Magneto Speed chrono.

I tested no less than 12 brands of reputable match grade ammo, from Norma to Lapua and many in between.

What I did find was that at 25 meters it really does not matter.  I cannot "hold" the amount of variation between the reputable brands of ammo.

I've cleaned the small bore prone target at 100 yards with a 10/22 several times using Wolf Match.

I've shot several 200 yard Appleseed KD Rimfire events.  At 200 yards....that is where the difference is.

The Standard Deviation (deviation between shots in feet per second *FPS*) makes a BIG difference at 200 yards and out.

I found Wolf Match would hold 3-3.5 MOA at 200 yards, and the shots were absolutely dispersed vertically.  That is due to the higher SD that Wolf Match has when compared to Lapua Midas or Eley Tenex.

Were I to spend some more $ on the Lapua stuff that had the lowest SD (like 6SD), that would likely result in a much tighter grouping vertically, than the Wolf match did.

I think I read somewhere that 1SD for rimfire is equal to about 10 feet per second.  There is quite a lengthy post on rimfire central under the long range rimfire area.   Think the title is "50 at 200", lots of awesome info for shooting 200+ yards with a rimfire in that post for those interested.

The only way to find what the "BEST" ammo for your rimfire barrel is to go out and test it.  Some barrels like different ammo.

In my 3 10/22 barrels (2 Volquartsens and one Kidd) they all gave me different results.

But...for 100 yards and in, I can't hold the difference.  CCI SV or Wolf Match will get it done every time with just about any barrel in regards to 25 meter Appleseed AQTs.