Author Topic: Official Planning Thread: Jonesboro, IN August 17-18, 2019  (Read 60 times)

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Official Planning Thread: Jonesboro, IN August 17-18, 2019
« on: August 05, 2019, 10:43:21 AM »
We're about 2 weeks out from our event.  So far, we have 15 people signed up.  Let's light this rocket!

+ "Standard 25M Appleseed"
+ Let's KILL THE TIME MONKEY and keep things moving!!   
+ I will be running a line of laser NPOA demo rifles in place of the carding the sights exercise - BRING LASER DUMMY RIFLES IF YOU HAVE THEM

+ 15 students so far.  Looks good
+ Nice mix of families.  Only 1 youth shooter (11 yrs) so far.  A few folks in their 60's 

Shoot Boss:  SteelThunder
IT: Lonestar6
IIT:  <crickets>
Applecore:  <crickets>

PC advancements to be evaluated: 

+ This is the Indiana.  It will likely be scorching hot so be prepared
+ I have 2 8x8 EZ Ups...we will use these.  If you have some, please bring them to cover the shooting line if it is really raining hard.
+ Gene Henderson is our LBOTG.  He will have a target line set up on Thursday night (yay!!).  We just need to bring backers
+ Instructor meeting at 7:45 am on Saturday.  Please be there no later than 0730 for set up.  I'll figure out if we need to be there on Friday night or not.

Instructor dinner - We'll have to see

History:  Start volunteering, or I'm gonna start volunTOLDing  We'll just be coming off of HBC so there's NO EXCUSE not to use some of those mad skillz
  • 1st Strike:  <crickets>
  • 2nd Strike: <crickets>
  • 3rd Strike: <crickets>
  • Saturday benediction: Steel
  • DOMs:   Whittemore - <crickets>; Wyman - ??; Elizabeth Zane - ??; Lamson - ??; Others -- ??
  • Sunday benediction: Steel

7th Stepping -- All the cadre should be working to generate shooters on the line as well as lookout for students that display marksmanship abilities, even temperament, enthusiasm, a connection with the message, ability to communicate, willingness to help out.  Please point these characteristics out to me during the weekend.

Instructors Carrying:  Legal OC/CC encouraged by instructors however, a minimum of Level 2 retention is required.  Make sure you check IN gun laws

Requal:  Unlikely with the low number of instructors present.
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Re: Official Planning Thread: Jonesboro, IN August 17-18, 2019
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2019, 07:31:57 PM »
I figured I'd bump this thread since looks like ST needs some help there.

I'd just received an email from a guy interested in registering so I'd checked to see who the SB was. And then saw that ST has a lot of people registered and no help.

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