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Much thanks for Mrs. Smith (I'm "stealing her COF post") - I'll be making assignments on Wednesday, August 7th...please let me know what you plan to do. 

817-991-6982 or

THIS POST IN THE THREAD WILL BE THE CURRENT ASSIGNMENT POST.  I will update this thread to reflect current assignments.

Any assignment that doesn't have a name next to it is open to be claimed.  What elements do you want to instruct?

You'll find a list of Patriots in Petticoats (thanks TrebleShooter), with links to reference materials, at the bottom of this post.  Pick one. Or two!  Everyone will get to tell at least one story, then if there's time we'll go around the room again.

That being said:

As our lady shooters are likely to be unfamiliar with rifles, I will conduct a simple "parts of the rifle" and terminology session first thing in the morning, before the safety briefing.

Four Safety Rules -

Safe Rifle -

Hangfires, Misfires, Squibs, Staplegun, Chamber Flag -

Line Commands without transitions -

Redcoat Target COF / Morgan Shingle -

Six Steps to Firing the Shot - The Homemaker

Prone POI -

Prone Vanna -

Demo NPOA in Prone -

Trigger Control Drill -

Talking Targets -

Inches, Minutes, and Clicks -

Rifleman's Cadence/Bubble - 

POI Seated/Kneeling -

Seated Vanna -

Introduce line Commands WITH Transitions -

POI Standing -

Standing Vanna -

Redcoat Target COF/Murphy Square -


Strikes should be kept to around 20 minutes or so (a bit longer for the first strike - it's a doozy) and Dangerous Dames pared down to around 5 minutes, give or take.

Preamble - Mercedes (Debbie)

First Strike - The Homemaker

Second Strike -

Third Strike -

Dangerous Dames: These don't ALL need to be told, of course!  Find one that strikes a chord for you, let me know here which one you want, and share it

Mary Hays Macauley -

Agent 355

Nancy Morgan Hart -

Kate Barry -

Mary Digges Lee -

Rachel Silverthorn -

Anna Maria Lane -

Elizabeth Zane -

The Heroines of Bryan Station

Prudence Cummings Wright -

Mary Draper -

Elizabeth Burgin -

Deborah Sampson -

Lydia Mulliken

Grace and Rachel Martin -

Dicey Langston -

Rebecca Motte -

There are more, if you can believe it!  But this will get you all started  :cool2:
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Re: Planning Thread for WY Ladyseed on August 10-11
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Range info: We are filling bay 19 for this event. At last visit (May) there is no permanent cover. However the local cadre are working to set up pop ups for shade. Our main concern here is the wind... our bad four letter word for the season. Dirt floor high backstops and we will set up a target line (wire and t posts. Latrine was in construction in May but porta potties spread out along fence line.For those lodging with me I will send an email with my address (for your GPS). See ya soon!
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Re: Planning Thread for WY Ladyseed on August 10-11
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