Author Topic: 600 yards with Service Rifles, 19 June 2019  (Read 108 times)

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600 yards with Service Rifles, 19 June 2019
« on: June 20, 2019, 07:35:57 PM »
Another fine day for KD at the VETS Shooting Center, located in Russell, Arkansas! I met ArcEagle14 and some other folks for some 600 yard shooting. Weather was nice, with variable wind. ArcEagle14 and I, were the only Riflemen to use slings for our prone shooting, the others opted to shoot their bolt action rifles from a bipod and rear bag.

ArcEagle14, started the shoot with his AR15 and shot a good score, with a nice cluster of a group, centered on the 10 and 9 ring of the NRA High Power 600 yard target. I followed suit, with my AR15 and shot a good score as well. I think we had the bipod shooters attention on what a Rifleman can do with a service rifle and sling! Not to throw any shade on them, there were a couple who hit the F Class 10 and X ring, more times than not! One of them, the owner of the range and Appleseed qualified.

We will likely have a KDAQT practice session soon. We will shoot the full course and as many times as we can! We'll post here soon, about the date.

As usual, we invite you to the VETS Shooting Center, in Russell, Arkansas for some Appleseed type shooting, centering on the reduced course as well as some Known Distance.

Quinncannon, out.

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