Author Topic: FLORIDA! 2019 state wide IBC and 2020 RBC are on the calendar!  (Read 316 times)

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Greetings Florida instructors!

Yes, it's that time again my friends! Our annual instructor boot camp is on the calendar in Palm Bay for July 20 - 21. Join us in air conditioned comfort for a weekend of learning, fun and fellowship with your Appleseed brothers and sisters. On site camping is available and there are many local hotels in the area too. Everyone please mark your calendars for this weekend and do make it a priority to attend. Everyone can benefit from a refresher of our standard operating and instructional principles. Even crusty old green hats like myself need to attend! Our very own fabled Phenry will be the pirate pilot of the ship for that weekend and all are invited! So.....get yourself over to TIPS on the forum to sign up and get excited people!

On another note: What is the very best way to follow up on a state wide IBC??
Attending a RBC of course!! Please all make plans to join us in late January of 2020 at the Issac Davis Memorial Range in Tallahassee for the annual Florida rifleman boot camp. It's so much fun it should be illegal! If you love Appleseed, you will LOVE a whole week of Appleseed! Those of you who have not had the pleasure of shooting a full distance KD AQT out to 400 yards will not want to miss this event. The IDMR is Florida's premier destination for all things Appleseed and we want to see you all there! For those of you who have not yet attended an event at the IDMR, please see the video links below of past boot camps:

2017 -
2018 -
2019 -

I want to thank each of you for all the hard work and selfless dedication you pour into the program each month and year that passes us by. I know that sometimes life gets in the way but; in looking back on my life I feel that Appleseed and all the quality people I've met and become friends with is some of the very best time I have spent in recent years. All of you are my brothers and sisters in liberty and I feel fortunate indeed to have embarked upon this worthwhile mission with the finest folks to be found anywhere in the whole wide world!

Please reach out if you ever need anything and I look forward to seeing you all in July!



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Re: FLORIDA! 2019 state wide IBC and 2020 RBC are on the calendar!
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Attention Blue/Orange/Red/Green Hats!
Hijacking Chris' post here to remind you of the upcoming IBC at Palm Bay. This year we will add a couple of perks. Those who can arrive Thursday evening or early on Friday will have the opportunity to shoot KD on the 600 yard High Power Range. Cable_Guy and Planeman are conspiring to offer an epic feast for us Saturday evening. Friday we will most likely go to Coal Fired Pizza for dinner. RV camping is available with 30 amp power and NON-potable water for $10 per night. Tent campers will camp for free--bless their hearts! You must contact me with your ETA to get entrance at the gate on Thursday or Friday. (text/call 321-427-6959)

Blue/Orange/Red/Green Hats get on over to TIPS and sign up.  If you're a Rifleman you need to contact PHenry to attend. 

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