Author Topic: KD all day at VETS shooting Center 13 Feb 19  (Read 68 times)

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KD all day at VETS shooting Center 13 Feb 19
« on: February 13, 2019, 10:45:19 PM »
ArcEagle14 and I met at VETS today for some KD practice and to confirm zero's up to 600 yards. We started the day with painting the steel targets and also set up a cardboard target to check our groups at 600 yards. It's been a while since we competed in a High Power match, so we are emphasizing our 600 shooting! High Power matches are coming soon to VETS!

We started off on the 300, which here is a steel target a third the size of our regular KD, we hammered that target with alacrity! Then on to 400, hammering the steel is very enjoyable and the 400 was not left out of the action, we knocked the paint off that target with no problem. Then to the 500, with good knowledge of the rifle and our come ups, the 500 was missing most of the paint in the middle as well! The 600, then had our attention, this target is only two MOA in size, but we put lead on steel here as well! Much smaller than our KD target and much smaller than the 36 inch black in High Power!

We feel good about our come ups and with more practice, we should be ready for the first High Power match here soon! Also, looking forward to our first "official" KD to be held here, "official" meaning, one that will be acceptable to the big boys in the program! ;)

As always, if anyone happens to be in our AO and want to shoot with a couple of old Appleseeders, give us a shout! Whether for some help with AQT's or KDAQT's, we're glad to help! We'll even lend you a rifle, if needed!

Quinncannon, out.

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