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Racine, WI 02-02-19
« on: February 10, 2019, 10:41:47 PM »
Yet another cold and snowy Racine Appleseed :)

Despite the winter conditions everyone stayed positive and more importantly stayed safe.  Thank you shooters for toughing it out and keeping a great attitude this weekend , and I'd like to thank all the instructors for making this a smooth and effective event!  Special thanks for Lex for plowing the range and driveway the night before! O0

Congrats to Dan H for re-qualifying in Winterseed conditions, and thus earning himself the special icy patch  :cool2:

Also thank you RCLRC for hosting our event at their wonderful and newly upgraded facility.

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Re: Racine, WI 02-02-19
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Some photos:
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Re: Racine, WI 02-02-19
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Well done to the Appleseed Team at Racine. Congratulations also to the club on their recent remodel.

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