Author Topic: 2018 Maryland Appleseed Year in Review  (Read 235 times)

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2018 Maryland Appleseed Year in Review
« on: December 18, 2018, 08:39:49 PM »
Maryland had a very successful year bailing the ship! Thanks to all the students, instructors, and volunteers that made the year a success.

Some statistics to put 2018 in context:

  • 27 shoots held including one instructor/volunteer only shoot and one weekday “personal day” shoot at Berwyn; 3 events were sold-out and 7 more nearly so – always good to sign-up early for  the shoots you want to attend
  • At least 289 students trained (more than 10 per event), not including walk-ons and late additions – let’s call it 300 and give a loud huzzah!
  • About 50 new rifleman and too many requalifying shooters to count – we surpassed 500 total rifleman in MD and are still growing!
  • At least 3 Distinguished shooters (scoring over 230 with irons or 240 with scope) and several more folks on the cusp
  • 2 Winterseed patch qualifying shoots with 5 Winterseed patches awarded
  • 2 long-range/known-distance patch qualifying events (200-yards) - one rimfire, one centerfire - with 10 qualifying rifleman/women, including perhaps our youngest-ever qualifier, a 10 year old young lady who was a perfect at 10-for-10 at 200 yards with a rimfire rifle!
  • So many Maryland Front-Sight Patches handed out that we need to make more!

Thanks to our dedicated volunteers and instructors we only had one shoot cancelled due to severe illness. We averaged 3 students-per-instructor across all our events due to strong instructor participation, which allowed for substantial attention to safety and quality of training.

We also grew the Maryland cadre of instructors and volunteers:

  • 1 new Shoot Boss (Cat Gravity)
  • 2 new Red Hats (Aninha and Catch-10-22)
  • 4 new IITs (Indecisive, CCI Dispenser, Powder Monkey, and Catch-10-22)
  • Several welcome border raider instructors: WhitePaladin (NY), Monkey and Missus Monkey (VA)
  • Several instructors who came back after prolonged absences (welcome back!)

Unfortunately, we also experienced several significant losses to our community – Cold Warrior, Aninha, and SouthSeasNurse moving to Florida and the passing of long time supporter John Pepper.

A huge thank you to all of the ranges that hosted us this year!

  • Anne Arundel Fish and Game Conservation Association (AAFG) in Annapolis
  • Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore (AGC) in Mariottsville
  • Berwyn Rod and Gun Club (BRGC) in Bowie
  • Sanner's Lake Sportmans Club (SLSC) in Lexington Park
  • Delmarva Sportsman Association in Suddlersville
  • Leetown IWLA in Leetown, WV
  • NRA HQ Range in Fairfax, VA

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Re: 2018 Maryland Appleseed Year in Review
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2018, 08:41:12 PM »
And since  :pics:

We adapt and overcome with younger shooters but want them to learn all the positions over time

The results can be amazing: 6 perfect scores from a bipod for this young lady!

Maybe our youngest Riflewoman at 10 years old – scored 10-10 at 200 yards with rimfire to make it

Loaner rifles, slings, and other gear are available at every shoot – just ask

Appleseed is not just rimfires like 10/22s - ARs, LWRCs, Garands, and ACRs are more than welcome at Centerfire events

Downrange is where you find out whether you really have the skills you want

Sometimes a perfect “stars target” is as big an accomplishment as Rifleman

History and heritage are just as critical as marksmanship

Thank you to our dedicated instructors (not all pictured here!)

Earning a Red Hat is a long process but worth it, but it all starts with taking a Blue or Orange hat (or both like Rich!)

Goodbye to SouthSeasNurse, Ana, and Dave

Ladyseeds are a great way to get into shooting!

Appleseed is the perfect family or group event – 2018 Maryland participants including families with all age groups, Boy Scout troops, Air Force ROTC, or even your fellow Marines

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Re: 2018 Maryland Appleseed Year in Review
« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2018, 04:30:33 PM »

Keep up the great work crew.  O0
We're going to miss you.

Happy New Year!


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