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Sad News Today...
« on: December 14, 2018, 08:41:41 PM »
Sad news from the AOC:


It’s with a heavy heart that I have to announce the passing of Rich Pistolese, DrRichP to those of us in the program.

Rich suffered a heart attack last night and passed soon after. He was only 52. Arrangements are pending.

His death leaves an enormous hole in in the lives of his family members, and Project Appleseed, where Rich served both as chief regional instructor and a member of the AOC. Rich was a kind and compassionate man who gave unstintingly of his time to Project Appleseed. He was a fine instructor who led by example, and a great patriot and advocate for liberty and the mission. Though we will no longer have the benefit of his wise counsel, he’ll be in good company with Adams, Revere and the other great patriots we seek to emulate.

He will be missed.

Tom Kehoe
Appleseed Oversight Committee

We conversed many times on various Appleseed items and he was always supportive and a top notch patriot.
RIP. :(

Below L-R. Fred andDrRichP:
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Re: Sad News Today...
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Video of DrRichP instructing

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