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November 10, 2018 Ladyseed Matamoras PA
« on: November 01, 2018, 08:44:38 AM »
One day event. Please bring your 22 rifles only for this event.
Our instructors:
JillianM, Arrigetch, and MK1765 will instruct at the event. All three “shoot like a girl” and have a great deal of experience to share. They also make a safe, friendly, and welcome line for the participants

JillianM is one of our newest instructors in training and is a dedicated knowledgeable Rifleman. We are glad to have her in our program.

Arrigetch is a red hat instructor for Appleseed. She is quite expert and  just took Third Place in the Geissele Gas Gun Series (out to 700 yds)).   This was a highly competitive series and required a great deal of skill with the Rifle. She also took second place in the last Geissele event (among many many other expert distance shooters) - congratulations to Arrigetch.   :bow:  she is also the only instructor in the area to obtain a perfect score on the KDAQT at full distance at our Lewistown Semi Annual KD. She is very bright and enjoys sharing her knowledge with new shooters. She is also quite skilled in different disciplines and has a lot to offer as an instructor.

MK1765 also  participated in some of the Geissele events as time permitted  with a good showing in the results of those matches. She is KD Qualified and shoots like a girl (as they say) with regular qualification on the full distance (400 yd) KDAQT at our instructor events. (Don’t ask her about horses). She also regularly participates in different disciplines in the shooting sports.

So this day is all about the Women.

 :~ The WEll Armed Women will be in attendance and individual shooters will be there too. It’s a one day event-won’t you attend? The link is

(Club  rules require a shareholder to attend; the SB is a shareholder but promises to clear the lines and generally be quiet  at this event. The bathroom at our club is a state of the art heated clean place and comfortable. We will have coffee but bring your lunches. And be ready for any weather-dress in rain gear from head to toe. We have a heated facility (fireplace)  for instruction periods, sign in, lunch, or just to keep warm.) weather is not an issue!  we have a cover on the range for rain and will set up a cover on the line if you bring your 10x10 or 12x12 pop up “tents”   
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