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September 29 Field Shoot

Started by hawkeye, September 26, 2018, 04:22:01 PM

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September 29 is our field shoot at Ramseur on range 1. We will have 3 stages, the first stage will be shot prone under the shelter from 200 to 500 yards. You will shoot 2 rounds if needed at each target, there are 2 targets at each distance for points. The second stage is shot from a prop such as a van or truck. This stage includes pistol shooting as will as rifle from an improvised position. You will exit the vehicle and engage a pistol target as soon as the required rounds are on the pistol target you ground the pistol and move to your rifle and engage the same course of fire as stage 1. Next stage 3 you shoot the left hand most targets from 200 to 500 yards 4 rounds only. The field shoots are $20 per person , we shoot at popup targets so you get feed back from hits. Most any rifle will do but having a magazine will help bolt guns or M1 Garands or similar rifles work well. We have a safe friendly atmosphere so it is a great way to ease into competitive shooting.
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