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Skowhegan KD shoot, 1 day, September 22, 2018

Started by TOMINCT, August 20, 2018, 09:54:24 AM

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 A Known Distance (KD) day will be held at Skowhegan Sportsman's club Sept 22nd. This event is open to instructors and people who have fired a Rifleman score at an Appleseed in the past.

We will start at 25m and go to 300 yards, the range maximum. You will be get good zeroes at each range with your chosen rifle and getting a fair amount of info in between. Plus there will be AQT's fired throughout the day once folks get their zeroes at distance.

Many other topics to be discussed, will have more info to send once you sign up.

You will needed a reliable and safe CF rifle and about 250 rounds of ammo. If you don't have a detachable magazine fed rifle, fear not! Any safe hunting rifle from a 30-30, 243, 270 et al will work as well as 223 up thru 8mm for the military rifle shooters, iron or scope sights. All standard military rounds and bolt rifles will work here, no tracers. If running a bolt or lever hunting rifle 150 rounds should suffice.

Cool weather in the most gun friendly state in the northeast makes this an event to attend. It will also be a good chance to stretch your legs to 300, just in time for hunting season.  O0
crak's battle road IBC 10-09
Ramseur 2-12!
ninsho's battle road IBC 6-13


crak's battle road IBC 10-09
Ramseur 2-12!
ninsho's battle road IBC 6-13


Going to try to run it with a bolt action. Should be interesting but I am practicing every night.
I live in Liberty! (no, really. I do.)


REALLY looking forward to this! It will be great to see some old friends and shoot with them.