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NE LadySeed Planning Thread (Grand Island Aug 25-26)

Started by Mercedes, August 10, 2018, 11:23:29 AM

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Thanks, Melissa.

I wanted to send the email to the shooters and was missing this information.

As for the COF, it's posted to the initial post in this thread as a PDF attachment and then I listed the various assignments as well.  You get to handle registration, model and shoot!!!!!  If you want to tell a DW or DOM or two, please let me know and we'll add it to the list.

BTW, is bakeneko your Toby?


Mrs. Smith

Thanks for all your hard work, Melissa! We'd be lost without you!

The COF was added to the very  first post in this thread.  I had the same problem!  :slap:

I'll be packing Thursday, so please let me know if there's anything I should bring.  See you Friday evening!  :beer:
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Found it thanks ladies!!

Bakeneco is not my Toby.  This is Eric, another one of our red hats.  If he's not needed I can send him a text letting him know he can sit this one out.  Let me know. 

Toby decided to stay home.  We've had a couple crazy weeks with a new puppy, flooded basement and had a couple trees torn down.  He will be busy working at home.  Apparently he doesn't get as much done when I'm there lol! 


I'd rather keep Eric, since we will will only have Sam on Saturday.

My DH can't seem to get anything accomplished when I'm around either ;-)


colonial shooter


Just remember that I am mobility challenged, but should be able to do assigned duties.
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No worries.  Let's see what the range looks like and we can do re-assignments if we need to.



Hi Everyone,

Trisha asked me to make a couple of revisions to the COF and I've posted the revised COF in the first thread.



I got an en email back from the range.  They will have 15 target backers set up on the range with an extra 5, in case of walk ons. 

The range is open until 9pm Friday evening.  I should arrive in town by 6:30pm.  We can meet at the range, scope it out then head to dinner or vise versa.  If it's a chain restaurant it's pretty much there in town, plus a few locally owned joints.  So we have plenty of options.  Just depends what you gals are in the mood for if there are any dietary restrictions.


This is the email that I just received from the range as well:


Thank you for contacting us. Let me answer your questions:

1. We are charging you $10 per shooter per day. This has been our fee for Appleseed events in the past and we will continue that with your group.

2. The range hours that are listed do not apply to your group. We will have the gate open as early as needed to allow you access to the ranges. Your group will be in Action Bay #1. We will also be open till 9pm on Friday night if needed.

3. You do not need to remove anything from the bay on Saturday unless you want to. We can have the gate open Sunday morning any time you want as well.

Thank you for your support of the park.


Ya, everything is pretty much the same as the other events we have at this range.  We just never really know what bay they will have us in.  Action bay 1 is a good one, at the end so we'll have room.  It is a bit of a walk to the covered picnic area though.  I am bringing a 6ft table for registration and a canopy. 

I plan to headed out no later than 430pm.  I will be taking back highways so I kay not have cell service till I get to town.  Text is probably best. Those seem to send though on low signals.  Just let me know when to meet ya'll at the range.  See you tomorrow!!

NE Bull

Just one addition I would make, from experience I'm kinda particular about it. I usually like to ask while we're talking equipment if anybody is running a suppressor. A suppressed rifle, especially 22, can sound like a squib load from an RSO standpoint. Just a friendly suggestion.
I'll usually scope out equipment while folks are bringing them to the line, and ask about any I might not be familiar with.


Thanks for the heads up.  I have only worked one event that used rifles other than 22s, so I am very excited about what I'm going to learn this weekend.