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Traditional 2 point sling at Appleseed?

Started by Sub_MOA, August 04, 2018, 08:46:54 PM

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Hi all,
I'm signed up for the November 2 day event and I was wondering if I can use a traditional 2 point sling for the event.
I've done one single day event earlier this year, and I was loaned a loop sling, however I was hoping that I could learn how to use my 2 point sling instead of the loop, as I usually have a 2 point sling mounted to my rifle.

Any help is appreciated.


I'm very new to Appleseed (only attended one) so take my opinion with a truck of salt. The loop sling is a big part of the steady hold for the prone and seated positions. I don't think a two point sling used as a hasty sling can give you the same stability. The USGI slings are very cheap, ~ $14. I say get one for the event. I bought one to toss on my .22 for the event. It was worth every penny, I'm buying a couple more to put on my other rifles that I have two point slings on. No more two points for me!
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By all means you can use a hasty (2-point) sling at an Appleseed shoot.   :F :yeahthat:

Conventional wisdom says that MOST shooters do best with a loop sling in prone and sitting, and a hasty sling in standing.  That, and since USGI loop slings are fairly cheap and easy to install on most rifles, is why they're the standard recommendation.

It'd be handy if your hasty sling is adjustable, because it does you little good if it's not adjusted right, and best carry length isn't necessarily best shooting length.

But thanks for coming back, and good luck seeking the patch!  (Personal improvement is of course more important than a patch, but the pride and recognition for reaching a high standard is nice, too.)

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Yes you would be allowed to bring and use your 2 point sling. You can shoot all positions with a hasty sling. However this is not what we teach. I would recommend you get a GI web sling or 1907 leather sling. Learn what we have to offer, we are not THE WAY, we are A WAY. A well proven one at that. Take what we have to offer on the hasty sling and adapt it to your field shooting after you make rifleman. Then come back and show us that a rifleman can use any sling lying around his "rack grade" rifle and surplus ammo.

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$16.95 shipped if you have Amazon Prime. That gives you two-day delivery.

They are also sold at our store site:

But the AS store doesn't include shipping, and you won't get it in two days. All depends on how quickly you need it and what the shipping costs.

I do recommend that you spring for the USGI sling, though, as it will allow you to take full advantage of the instruction per previous comments.

Have fun!
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Thanks for the input!

I'll buy a loop sling as recommended. Then, once I get my patch, hopefully I'll get a chance to work with the hasty sling if time and instruction permits.

You all rock!

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If you're referring to the 2-day Appleseed Rifle Marksmanship Clinic in Bowie on November 3-4th, I'll be the Shoot Boss.
I have plenty of USGI (2-pt) loaner slings. Most Shoot Bosses and Instructors carry loaner equipment.  O0

Hope to see you on the line!

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