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Why we have field shoots...
« on: July 23, 2018, 03:35:42 PM »
Hello All Appleseeders,

I was reading thru some old stuff on the forum the other day and came across the message below from Wildman that was written a while back.  I have pondered many times, what is the next step for students that score a Rifleman score...  as well as what is next for some instructors, to give us a chance to shoot together.  I don't know about y'all but I spend more time instructing than shooting most of the time. 
Maybe it was a miscommunication or maybe it was my ignorance for not realizing this sooner but there IS a 'next' step.  A place for Riflemen and Riflewomen to put what they have learned into practical use.  It's called a Field Shoot and it's held 8 months or so a year at the home range.  I had a misconception of what the Field Shoot really was and thought you might as well so I thought i'd re-post what Wildman said and invite you all to come to the next event on Aug 18, 2018. You can go to the "RWVA Home Range Events" tab from the main page of the forum and get all the info you need there.  Or PM me or Hawkeye for more info.  I would like to see all Instructors that can make it come out to just 1 of the 4 events left for this year and get some range time in... we ALL need it.  Ask yourself, 'When was the last time I shot my center-fire rifle?' or 'When was the last time I shot out to distance?'  I know that when we announced the KD event, the line filled up quick and most were instructors.  Guys and gals, we don't have to wait til once or twice a year for a KD event to shoot!!!  Come on out Aug 18.  It's only for the day and you'll be home for dinner.   :sb:
Ok, I'll get off my soap box... (and all this was said in Love!)

Below is from Wildman and I read it here...

This is an Appleseed web site. What goes on here is all about the Appleseed program. Why then do we have this special area called, "Home Range Events," promoting pop-up or field action shooting?

I'll try to explain it to you as best I can. First the Appleseed program is designed to introduce basic skills to the not ready for prime time shooter who aspires to be a rifleman. These basic skills are well know to many of you. The six steps to firing the shot, correct positions, NPOA, windage calulations to name a few.  The Appleseed is a great way for the would be shooter to get started on the right foot. The folks who had the vision and the energy to put the Appleseed together hoped that Appleseed would be the first step in the development of a competent field shooter. Appleseed is the begining not the end of this process.

In order to become the fully developed rifleman one must learn to shoot at actual range under real field conditions. Real world shooting requires the shooter to be able to engage targets with wind, varying light conditions, and at different ranges. The rifleman should be able to set a battlesight zero and hit his target anywhere from 100 yds to 400 yds without a sight change. 

The action shoots have value in that they allow the rifleman to continue their development so they can reach higher state of ability. I wish it were possible have ranges like the Ramseur range in every state perhaps maybe one day. Until that blessed day Ramseur is it. It is my hope that all that can read this post will find a way to come to the "mountain" as often as possible. In the past we've have folks drive from Missouri, New York and even fly in from California. 

Thank you

Thank you Wildman and Hawkeye for all the time you guys put into the range.

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Re: Why we have field shoots...
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2018, 10:51:22 AM »
Placed on my calendar. Will be there!  ..:..
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