Author Topic: THE STATE OF THE STATE UPDATE, NEWS AND A BIG THANK YOU! May 8th 2018  (Read 296 times)

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Greetings Florida!

Great news!! Our goals for 2018 are very close to being completed. We have 73 of the 84 goal events booked for this year, wow! I'm impressed and humbled by you all!
I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, you all are the very best in the nation! The details of our progress are listed below in the attached spreadsheet - take a look and pat yourselves on the back!

We are on track to teach over 1000 students in 2018.
Many, many more red hats have been created - thank you for that!
New ranges have been signed up, at least 3 this year already.
Many in our state cadre have been awarded the distinguished patch - we practice what we teach, no doubt!
KD on my mind! We'll be looking to host more KD events than ever for the state this year. Go to the IDMR this summer and get your long distance love on!
There is a IBC scheduled for the whole state to attend in Palm Bay this July. All in classroom air conditioned comfort! Do not miss this one, please.
Deep down in south Florida has been long lacking more hats to run events there - we aim to solve that problem this year.
Our Orlando (central Florida) range will soon be fired up with many events - we now have a dedicated shoot boss for that area who joined the range.
The IDMR now has it's very own rifle trust to keep loaners for students and guests so anyone and everyone can attend and shoot a very fine rifle!
Our YouTube Florida events channel continues to grow in content, check it out here:
Keep an eye out for our monthly newsletter posted here on the forum and sent out to past students. Here is a link to this month's edition:



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