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Parma, ID, April 21/22, 2018, AAR
« on: April 24, 2018, 06:25:10 PM »
This was the first Appleseed event for the 2018 season at Parma Rod and Gun Club.  We had a fairly nice weekend for this event, the wind as not terribly obnoxious.

Seven patriot participated in our Anniversary event.  We had 5 participants on Saturday and 6 participants on Sunday.  One of the participants from Saturday woke up with a sore back on Sunday and did not return, but we picked up two new participants in his place.

All of the students picked up the skills that they were taught, as we saw a reduction in group sized through out the event.  As well, the participant were very engaged with the history that was taught during our lunch sessions.

Unfortunately, there were no new rifleman at this event.  We had one shooter that I confidently believe would have shot a rifleman score, but he continually had magazine issues with his Savage bolt rifle. One other participant was shooting great 2 MOA during practice, but could not put it all together under the time constraints of the AQT. I know that with a little practice, he will make rifleman.

I am mentioned during the event that best practice you can do is dry fire practice on the comfort of your living room floor.  Just verify that the firearms are unloaded and cleared before doing your prone steady hold factor stretching in the house.  Professional shooters will perform 5000 dry fire practice rounds for each live fire shot they take.

By adding an inexpensive laser sight ($20 on amazon) you will turn you rifle into a very effective practice aid.   The laser dot will help you develop a steady hold, can assist in diagnosing trigger control issues and assists in practicing NPOA shifts.  Keeping the laser dot steady is the key to these drills and will greatly aid your development as a rifleman.

One of the key characteristics of a rifleman is persistence, so I hope to see you at the next event in Parma on June 23rd.
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