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Need instructors in Charlotte, NC for upcoming Patriots Day Weekend

Started by Yankee Doodle, April 15, 2018, 12:06:05 PM

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Yankee Doodle

Greetings from the Old North State,

Charlotte needs at least 2 more instructors for the upcoming Patriots Day Weekend (April 21st and 22nd).  Right now it's just NeilR and I signed up to work - we have 10 shooters signed up.  While Neil and I are able to put our heads down and make it happen, having a couple more there will make for a safer weekend.  If our Brothers and Sisters from the Palmetto State could help conduct a shoot in  Charlotte, it would be most appreciated.

Additionally, we cannot start until 1pm on Saturday as the club has a members swap meet going on.

Yours in Liberty,

Young Members Committee -National Society,  Sons of the American Revolution

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